HoloCure - How to Clear Hardcore Endless Mode

A guide on how to clear Hardcore Endless Mode for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including the best ways to unlock all Hardcore achievements, recommended characters, item builds, and other useful tips. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Steam and Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - How to Clear Hardcore Endless Mode

How to Clear Hardcore Endless Mode Guide for HoloCure

Hardcore Mode Conditions

Character initial HP in Hardcore Endless Mode is not fixed at 1 (but the initial HP is 1) so it is possible to increase your health using items such as Piki Piki Piman.

HoloCure Item List

Unlocking Hardcore Mode Achievements Strategy (Oozora Subaru)

HoloCure - Oozora Subaru Character Icon

Subaru Skills

Subaru’s set of skills are structured in such a way that can help any player unlock Hardcore mode achievements.

The Oozora Police skill can be used on non-boss enemies to instantly defeat them, allowing Subaru to clear foes unharmed. The skill itself can also be stored which can help you completely eliminate any difficulties in Stage 1 where there are no enemy barrages.

If you still take damage despite using Oozora Police, you will accumulate stacks of Sunny Optimism.

Subaru’s special attack Duck Shout is very powerful in Stage 1 where most fans are weak. With strong firepower in the early stages, you are likely to not have any problems.

It will be easier if you raise the fan degree to the second stage.

HoloCure Oozora Subaru Character Guide

Subaru Stamps

Subaru’s starting weapon is very good apart from its small range. By equipping the Bomb Stamp, you can adopt a pseudo-ranged attack style against enemy groups that makes it possible to compensate for the weapon’s drawbacks.

Lazy Attack Strategy (Ceres Fauna)

HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character Icon

Fauna Normal Attack

Unlike Subaru, Fauna’ s normal attack projectiles are scattered in all directions. Once her starting weapon reaches level 7 (Awakening), it gains a tracking effect.

Fauna has the Whisperer skill which is not as good as Subaru’s Oozora Police for nullifying or avoiding incoming damage. Despite this, there are almost no issues using Whisperer apart from encountering the large Dead Beat (Shield) boss that will encircle you at around 8 minutes and 30 seconds in the run.

When using Fauna, remember to save her special attack (do not use it for 8 minutes until  you encounter the large Dead Beat boss). This will make the run easier than relying on the Guardian Tree to recover HP.

HoloCure Ceres Fauna Character Guide

Items that Should not be Picked Up

Fauna Stamps

Almost any stamp is okay but Projectile Up, Solo, and Life Steal stamps are the best.

Recommended Items

Item Name Details
Piki Piki Piman HP Increase
Just Bandage
Chicken’s Feather Revive
Headphones Revive (with probability)

Recommended Items (For Characters that Do Not Need to Increase their HP using Items)

Item Name Details
Injection Type Asacoco Grants you a 40%/60%/80% damage up effect without risk. For comparison, Membership consumes 3 Holo Coins per second and only gives 30%/40%/50% attack increase.
Face Mask Grants 1.3x damage multiplier and 10% attack speed increase without risk. Can be used effectively even at just level 1.
Energy Drink Grants a 10%/15%/20% attack speed and 30%/40%/50% SPD increase at no risk.

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  1. (0.6v) Achievement Note :

    I don’t know if it’s related to the latest version, or the chosen mode but :
    – Achievement unlocks on Stage Mode Hardcore as well (haven’t tried on endless, not sure it will since you don’t win technically)
    – Item increasing HP Max did not work, making you stay at 1HP the whole run.

    Managed easily Stage1 Hardcore with Mumei, Gachiko, all upgrades, No halu/fan upgrade
    Started with Wamy Water for extra bump.

    Weapon : Absolute Wall, Snow Flower Sake, uncomplete Lightning Weiner.
    Item : Body Pillow & Chicken Feather (must), Headphone, Face Mask. (Super) Idol Costum for more emergency ult, didn’t used it much luckily