HoloCure - Basic Weapon Origins and Background

Information about Basic Weapon Origins and Background in HoloCure (Version 0.6), including weapon story and characters involved in the story. HoloCure (2022) was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure - Basic Weapon Origins and Background

Basic Weapon Origins and Background for HoloCure (Version 0.6)

HoloCure features various weapons that were mostly based on the characters’ stories and their props, making it interesting how these weapons came to be. Below is a list of the Basic weapons and their origins.

Basic Weapon Origins

Weapon Name Origins
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Spider Cooking IconSpider Cooking This weapon is a reference to Akai Haato‘s infamous cooking episode, where she experiments using uncommon ingredients and unique cooking techniques. The weapon’s name came from an episode where she ate a tarantula live on stream.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Elite Lava Bucket IconElite Lava Bucket Weapon added in the game because of Sakura Miko‘s troubles with the lava in Minecraft.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Holo Bomb IconHolo Bomb This weapon is a reference to the Minecraft’s TNT, the design was changed due to legal concerns.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Psycho Axe IconPsycho Axe Hoshimachi Suisei‘s weapon of choice, this axe later became a representation of her ruthless behavior during the time she was streaming Project Winter.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon BL Book IconBL Book “BL” stands for “Boy’s Love”, a book Houshou Marine likes.
HoloCure - Cutting Board Basic Weapon IconCutting Board Cutting board is an internet term that refers to characters that are flat-chested. A term that means viewers can’t identify which is the back and front of a flat-chested character.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Fan Beam IconFan Beam Derived from the lyrics of the song “Fansa” by HoneyWorks.
HoloCure - Bounce Ball Basic Weapon IconBounce Ball This item refers to a meme called “boing-boing”, which was used to tease some of the characters.
HoloCure - EN's Curse Basic Weapon IconEN’s Curse A jinx which indicates a chance to have technical difficulties during collab streams. Originated from the debut of an English Vtuber that got postponed due to technical difficulties.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Plug Type Asacoco IconPlug Type Asacoco One of Kiryu Coco’s products that was invented to prevent overdosing on Injection Type Asacoco by using it in a certain area of the body.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Glowstick IconGlowstick A prop usually used during Hololive live events.
Idol Song Hololive is considered an Idol Agency, therefore, the songs they produce are called Idol Song.
HoloCure - CEO's Tears Basic Weapon IconCEO’s Tears This weapon is a reference to a meme that shows YAGOO’s disappointment in his Idols’ behavior.
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Wamy Water IconWamy Water Came from a meme that refers to Yukihana Lamy, wherein Momosuzu Nene made up a product called “Lamy Water”. “Wamy” is also Yukihana Lamy’s nickname.
HoloCure - X-Potato Basic Weapon IconX-Potato The weapon refers to Inugami Korone‘s mispronunciation of “Exposito”, an elite boos from the game “Blasphemous”. The mistake was made when she was looking up the boss after beating the game on her livestream.
HoloCure - Sausage Basic Weapon IconSausage The weapon is a reference to Oozora Subaru and a mobile game called Sausage Legend. Subaru would play the game with her viewers, who would frequently come up with terrible yet funny names.

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