Left Alive - Enemy Types and Effective Weapons

A list of enemy types found in Left Alive as well as the weapons effective against them. Memorize each enemy type's weaknesses to defeat them with ease.

Enemies in Left Alive

There are several types of enemies in Left Alive,each weak to a different type of attack. Know which types of enemies will appear on a map and master a combination of weapons to complete missions efficiently.

Enemy List


Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

The infantry is the most common type of enemy in the game. They are equipped with a body suit which makes them more durable than an average human. Moreover, once a single infantry soldier discovers you, they may signal for reinforcements, so it’s better to avoid them.

Effective Weapons Against Infantry

Electric Shock Wire

Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

Electric Shock Wire can restrict an enemy’s movement for a time while damaging its body suit. Once the enemy is paralyzed by the wire, you can either sneak past them or kill them with other weapons.

Battle Drone

Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

Battle Drones fly around the battlefield in search of enemies. A single drone’s damage output is not that high, but they can be troublesome if they attack in groups. They are also quite difficult to avoid once they spot you.

Effective Weapons Against Battle Drones

Auto Turret

Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

You can eliminate those pesky battle drones by using an auto turret to attack them. As long as they are within its attack range, the turret will keep firing on drones until they are no longer functioning.


Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

Tanks often circle around a specific area of the map. With thick armor and big guns, tanks can be quite difficult to deal with head-on. If you have a choice, it is better to avoid these tanks, but there will be times where you need to defeat them in order to advance to the next area.

Effective Weapons Against Tanks

Remote-Controlled Bomb

Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

It is speculated prior to release game that tanks have a weakspot: it’s oil tank. You can set up a remote-controlled bomb on the ground where it will pass, then detonate it once the tank passes over.


Enemy Types and Effective Weapons Against Them

Wanzer are not only used by enemies, but by players as well.

These mechs are harder to deal with than tanks, so it is recommended that you ride on a Wanzer before engaging battle against one of these menacing mech.

There is a chance that players will have to defeat a Wanzer with only their main weapons, so make sure you know its weaknesses before taking one on.

Effective Weapons Against Wanzers

Explosive Throwing Weapons

The Wanzer’s weak points are its head, elbows, and knees. You can throw explosive weapons at these weak spots to deal massive damage and to stop it from moving.

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