Resident Evil 3 - All File Locations

A guide on where to find all files in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Included are each file's name, location, and description.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - All Files Locations

Resident Evil 3 Remake All File Locations

Files are collectible documents containing clues, hints, and even item recipes. They are found all throughout the various explorable areas in the game. After obtaining a file, it will be store in your inventory for future reference.

Reward for Collecting All Files

Finding all files rewards you with the Bookworm records achievement along with Concept Art: ??? and Model: ???

Records List

File No. Name Area Location
1 Jill’s Report (Sept.26, 1998) Jill’s Apartment Pinned on Jill’s corkboard inside the apartment.
2 Investigation Notes Jill’s Apartment Check the file beside Jill’s Report.
3 Unsealed Envelope Jill’s Apartment Envelope on top of the drawer.
4 Message from Colleague Jill’s Apartment Near the pizza box on top of the dining table.
5 U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide Subway On a bench near some posters.
6 Tabloid Front Page (The Cannibal Murders: A Complete Digest) Subway On the counter of the newsstand.
7 U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual Office Table in the office room after you climb the stairs.
8 Drugstore Owner’s Journal Drugstore owner’s room From the diner, head up the stairs to reach the upper level, search the drugstore owner’s room.
9 Kite Bros. Railway Manual Railway building company office By the worn-out office chair.
10 Subway Employee’s Memo Railway building On the desk of the room near the Fire Hose.
11 Training Log Garage Beside Murphy.
12 U.B.C.S. Suicide Note Garage (Alley) Near the corpse in the alley outside the garage.
13 Electrician’s Notice Garage (Alley) Plastered on the alley wall.
14 Fax from Substation Chief Substation Desk near the window of the safe room in the Substation.
15 Green Herbs: They Work! Control Room (Outside) Area at the foot of the stairs outside the safe room (control room).
16 Substation Internal Memo Substation (Outside) Posted on the wall outside the substation.
17 Your Charlie Doll Downtown (Toy Store) Examine the big poster.
18 Chad’s Notes Substation Check the file near a corpse covered in slime after climbing the ladder.
19 Increased Sewer Security Sewers From the safe room, head north and then check the wall near the blue door.
20 Research Assistant’s Logs Sewers Search beside the door of the second safe room.
21 Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo Sewers Check the step ladder inside the second safe room.
22 Sewer Worker’s Notes Sewers Pass through the opening with a waterfall and search the corner.
23 A Love Letter? Sewers Check the employee desk inside the control room.
24 Notice of Demolition Delay Demolition Site (upper level) By the typewriter in the second safe room.
25 Raccoon Times Reader’s Column Downtown On the bed inside the building (upper floor) after opening the locked gate beside Gun Shop Kendo.
26 Email Outbox Police Station (cemetery) From the station cemetery, head east down some stairs. Head inside the room on the right to find the file on the desk.
27 ID Card Security Protocols 1F Police Station (reception) Talk to the officer in the reception to get access to the room on the left. Go inside to find the file on the couch.
28 Sept. 20 Arrest Report 1F Police Station (west office) On a desk in the middle section of the west office.
29 Internal Memo 1F Police Station (dark room) Inside the safe room (next to the stairs) past the west office. It is on the metal drawer.
30 Note to a Friend 2F Police Station (shower room) On the bench.
31 3F Locker 1F Police Station (safety room deposit) Photo stuck on the whiteboard to the right of the room.
32 Report on the Mansion Incident 2F Police Station (S.T.A.R.S. Office) Combine Battery and Electronic Gagdet to craft C4. Use it to destroy the wall in the shower room.

Go in the small room inside the S.T.A.R.S. office to find the file on the table.

33 U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice Subway Tunnels On a bench in the first room of the ruined shelter.
34 Clock Tower Brochure Clock Tower (Plaza) Go up the ladder going out of the subway tunnels. Go left near the river to find the file on a bench.
35 Spencer Memorial Pamphlet 1F Hospital (reception) At the newsstand.
36 Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 25 1F Hospital (lab reception) On the desk.
37 Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 27 2F Hospital (records room) On the shelf.
38 Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 29 2F Hospital (staff room) On the desk.
39 Memos from Administration 2F Hospital (staff room) On the wall near the door.
40 Note about a Tape Recording 2F Hospital (nurse’s station) On the table.
41 RE: Lost Items 1F Hospital (operating room) After getting the ID card, go inside the operating room and get the file behind the medical chair.
42 Banquet Invitation 1F Hospital Inside the sound-activated room. Use the tape player to open it and get the file next to the doctor’s body.
43 Email from Nathaniel Bard 1F Hospital Inside the sound-activated room. It is on the computer.
44 Elevator Notice Underground Storage (office) In the first safe room.
45 Employee Memo Underground Storage From the office, head to the south room to find the file inside.
46 Unfinished Activity Log Underground Storage (surveillance room) By the computer.
47 NEST 2 Employee Regulations 1F NEST 2 (storage area) Inside the safe room.
48 Isaac Graves’ Diary 2F NEST 2 (hallway) Behind the zombie to the left of the hallway.
49 Essay on Vaccine Synthesis 2F NEST 2 The room in the middle of Lab 1 and Worker’s Break Room. The file is on a bed.
50 Shipping Notice 1F NEST 2 After getting the flash drive, use it to open the locked door. The file is on a tray inside the room.
51 Weaponry Authorization Request 2F NEST (Lab 1) On the desk.
52 Scientist’s Dying Message 1F NEST Next to a body in the room with the body bags.
53 Expression of Concern 2F NEST (incubation lab) On the table.
54 Disposal Center 2F NEST 2 (worker’s break room) On the wall near the door.
55 Weapon Spec Sheet B1 NEST 2 (staff break room) Safe room after defeating transformed Nemesis (form 1).
56 Suspicious Contract Memo B1 NEST 2 Behind transformed Nemesis (form 3). After defeating the boss, go up the ladder to find the file on the ground.
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