Resident Evil 3 - Subway Station – Garage Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Subway Station in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Subway Station


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Make it to the Street Level.
2 Reactivate power at the substation.
3 Put out the fire.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Handgun Ammo Subway Car Bench
Green Herb x2, Gun Powder x2 Crates near the metal fence
Red Herb Break the crate near the door
Green Herb x2 Beside the Gun Powder
Handgun Ammo Top of the rusty oil drums
Gunpowder After exiting the metal fence door, break the crate near the oil drum.
Gunpowder Far left corner past where zombies broke in
Handgun Ammo Check the side of the “Donut” diner before entering.
Handgun Ammo Desk on your immediate right right by the “Donut” diner entrance.
Green Herb Kitchen of the diner, beside the sink
Fancy Box Inside Donut Moon diner’s kitchen
Bolt Cutter Far end of the kitchen near another sink
Inventory Box Kitchen
Red Herb Break the crate at the construction site
Dot Sight (Handgun) Crack the code and open the safe
Gunpowder Open the drawer inside the drugstore owner’s room
Handgun Ammo After cutting the chain, enter the alley
Hand Grenade Corner of the alley that was previously blocked by zombies
Shotgun Shells Chest beside the Hand Grenade
Green Herb Crate tucked by the side of the police car.
Fire Hose Inside the Railway building
Hand Grenade Railway building supply room
Gunpowder Railway Building supply room
M3 Shotgun Railway building supply room
Gunpowder Corner of the street beside a parked car
Red Herb Counter by the entrance of the pharmacy
High-Grade Gunpowder Rack inside the pharmacy
Handgun Ammo Corner past the shelves
Handgun Ammo Stack of boxes after entering the door from the fire exit

Obtainable Files

Item Location
U.B.C.S. Ammunition Crafting Guide Bench outside the starting point
Tabloid Front Page The empty stall after exiting the basement floor.
U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual Table in the room after you climb the stairs.
Drugstore Owner’s Journal From the diner, head up the stairs to reach the upper level, search the drugstore owner’s room
Subway Employee’s Memo Inside the Railway building, check the desk of the room near the Fire Hose
Kite Bros. Railway Manual Railway building company office, check by the worn-out office chair.


Area Enemies
Streets Zombie
Streets Nemesis



1 Watch cutscene.
2 Head outside the subway car and check the bench for some Handgun Ammo.
3 Go right and proceed up the stairs.
4 Continue scaling more steps past some rubble to trigger a call. You’ll get your first objective.
5 Climb the rest of the steps until you face a metal fence. Break the crate to find a Red Herb. Search the right side to find more supplies.
6 Exit the metal doorway to reach a thrashed conference room. Make note of the locked briefcase. There’s an inventory box and a typewriter here where you can organize items or save respectively.
7 Nothing much else here, squeeze under the barely open shutter to trigger a cutscene.

Streets (Downtown)

8 A zombie draws close after you exit the shutter. Draw your weapon and blow its head clean off.
9 Turn left and pass by the alleyway. Take the Handgun Ammo on top of the rusty oil drums.
10 After passing through the first intersection. A pair of zombies appear from the shadows of the near pitch black alley. Back away to get a good view and distance and then fire some rounds to fend them off.
11 Enter past the metal fence door to reach the next area. Ignore the toy shop lock for now since we don’t have a way to open it yet.
12 Continue left and ignore the zombies trapped behind the fence. Approach the red oil drum and check nearby for a crate. Break it and take the Gunpowder.
13 Head past the oil drum to trigger a cutscene.

Donut Moon Diner

14 The alley is on fire so you need to find a way around it. Turn back and approach the oil drum again and zombies will break in. Back away while luring them near the canister, and then shoot it to take them out.
15 Pass through the area where the zombies came through.
16 More zombies block the shop entrance ahead. Draw your weapon and shoot the nearest one in the head to make it stagger, a few more should wipe it out.
17 There’s a transformer glowing in the distance up ahead. Shoot it to stun the surrounding zombies.
18 While keeping them busy, hug the left side and check the far corner for a Gunpowder near the wrecked car.
19 Enter the donut shop and immediately to your right check the desk for some ammo.
20 Continue and examine the empty table in the middle of the shop for some more Gunpowder.
21 Go around back to reach the kitchen. Check the stack of containers on your right by the sink for a Green Herb. Collect the Fancy Box nearby and then pick up the pliers at the far end corner. You may also deposit some items in the inventory box.
22 Interact with the Fancy Box to get a Jewel. After that, head back out from the diner entrance where you came.
Optional: You can opt to head back to the shutter and use it on the Kite Bros Railway panel replica to score a Hand Grenade.

Construction Site

23 Back outside, go left and take the stairs.
24 Go around the upper level and make a right to find a canister. Shoot it to blow up some hiding zombies.
25 Interact with the escape ladder on the corner to bring it down for a shortcut.
26 Check the left corner and then break the crate for a Red Herb.
27 Follow the path and then descend the stairs. Continue along the catwalk.
28 Enter the door up ahead and read the file beside the safe.
29 Check the safe and use the Code “918” to open it for a Dot Sight (Handgun).
30 Open the drawer on the left side of the room for some Gunpowder.
31 There’s a zombie hiding behind door, take it out.
32 Enter the door on your left to find the room near the fire exit.
33 Take some rounds from the stack of shelves, return to the owner’s room.
34 Leave the upper level and go back downstairs.
35 Enter the diner again and leave through the other door this time.

Streets (Downtown)

36 Get back and lure the zombies near the canister. Shoot it to dispose of them.
37 Take out any remaining zombies to clear a path for cutting the chain.
38 Check the chained metal fence door up ahead. Use the Bolt Cutter to cut the chain.
39 After entering the metal fence door, head to the intersection to find more zombies. Back away and draw them near the canister at the middle. Blow it up to make quick work of them.
40 When the coast is clear, check the oil drum by the wall to find some Handgun Ammo.
41 With zombies gone, head to the far corner and pick up the Hand Grenade.
42 Open the chest sitting on the desk for some Shotgun Shells.
43 Leave the alley to return to the street.
44 Go around the police car to find a crate. Break it to get a Green Herb.
45 Swing by the diner again, deposit any items if you have to inside the kitchen, and finally exit through the other door.

 Railway Building

46 Head up the steps and enter the Rail Building.
47 Make a left and a zombie pops up. Back a little bit to get a good view and make some shots to the head.
48 Ignore the door and make a right to find the Fire Hose.
49 Enter the nearby door.
50 Right beside the bookshelves you can find some lockers. Open them to get Hand Grenade and Gunpowder.
51 Before you leave, go to the far right corner of the office and use the Bolt Cutters to cut the chain. Grab the M3 Shotgun.
52 Exit the supply room and then enter the other room to reach the company office.
53 Leave the building.

Streets (Downtown)

54 Make a left and take out the zombie by shooting the oil drum.
55 Go around to the right corner and break the box for a Gunpowder.
56 Zombies come out of the opposite side, so draw your weapon and back away while firing.
57 Go through the abandoned pharmacy and loot the Red Herb by the counter. Check the rack to find High-Grade Gunpowder.
58 Leave the pharmacy and check the corner of the street for a fire exit.
59 Defeat the zombies and then climb the stairs.
60 Go through the diner and organize your inventory one last time if you need to, and finally exit to the other side.
61 Make a beeline to the alley.


62 Interact with the fire hydrant and attach the Fire Hose to extinguish the fire.
63 Approach the end of the alley and enter the garage.


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