Resident Evil 3 - Capcom Confirms That Resident Evil 3 Safe Rooms are Certified Safe

Capcom explains that Safe Rooms remain Safe. News on the types of checkpoints found in Resident Evil 3 were briefly discussed following the Official Xbox Magazine's gameplay preview.


In line with the recent uproar that littered on social media, Capcom responded that the Safe Rooms are in fact safe. The news emerged in an update from GamesRadar.

What are Safe Rooms?

In the world of Resident Evil, many strategic locations known as Safe Rooms, offer players brief moments of rest and planning in between their travels. Safe Rooms often come with a typewriter that allows players to save their progress. In addition, a tranquil music, opposite to the unnerving tones that run their course in other areas, plays on every visit. As the name implies, Safe Rooms are safe and serve to bar entry from all types of threats. That being said, players cannot die inside a safe room.

Misconstrued information

News about Safe Rooms first resurfaced in an Official issue of the Xbox Magazine. Found on the 47th page of the issue, the magazine disclosed that apparently a gameplay video showcased that the relentless pursuer can still crash into what was allegedly a “safe room.” The Official Issue claimed that the location was a safe room due to the presence of a typewriter. However, further report suggested that the room was in fact, not a safe room. Despite being a checkpoint, the alleged room failed to solidify the notion since it did not come with the room’s signature track playing in the background. Having said that suggests that not all checkpoints in the game count as Safe Rooms.

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