Resident Evil 3 - Zombie Dog Enemy Information

Enemy information for Cerberus in Resident Evil 3.

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Zombie Dog

Zombie Dogs share many similarities with the “Cerberus,” the codename given to a breed of dogs that mutated from the experiments involving the t-Virus in the Arklay Research Facility. Trained dogs that inhabit the Raccoon Police Department that have transformed into rotting ferals due to their exposure to the contaminated water. Even though these infected dogs also gave in to the t-Virus, they remain agile and can sense prey from afar.

Not much is known about them so far since they have only appeared in a brief segment in the trailer. In the classic titles, these infected dogs can be tough to fight with starting weapons owing to their speed and enhanced strength. While it might be difficult to run past them, one way to fool them is to employ some fancy footwork since they tend to make a beeline when closing in for a lunge.

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