Resident Evil 3 - All Pickable Locks and Safes Locations

A list of all pickable locks, safes, strongboxes, and lockers in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Included are their locations and what items can be obtained.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - All Pickable Locks, Safes, Strongboxes Locations

Resident Evil 3 Remake Pickable Locks

Below is a list of all pickable locks, safes, strongboxes, and lockers which can be found throughout the main campaign.

Picking all locks in the main story is required in completing the RE: Master of Unlocking challenge in Records.

Records List

No. Type Area Details.
1 Safe Downtown Building to the right of Moon Donuts. Take the stairs to find a safe containing Red Dot Sight. The code is 9 left – 3 right – 7 left.
2 Padlock Subway Power Substation Padlocked fence door near some green herbs. Can be opened with the lockpick.
3 Locker Subway Power Substation Locker on the first floor of the substation. Can be opened with the lockpick.
4 Locker Garage Locker in the garage where you got the bolt cutters. Can be opened with the lockpick.
5 Padlock Downtown (Toy Store) Padlock on the toy store entrance. Can be picked with the lockpick.
6 Locker Downtown (Moon Donut) Locker containing Hand Grenade on the left upon entering the store. Can be picked with the lockpick.
7 Strongbox Subway Office Strongbox on the right side of the room on top of two metal drawers.
8 Locker Subway Office (Supply Room) Locker containing First Aid Spray adjacent to the wall where you got the M3 shotgun in the supply room.
9 Strongbox Red Stone Street Station Strongbox containing shotgun shells. It is on a wide table by the wall with a map of Raccoon City.
10 Locker Sewers (Lab) Locker in the room with the battery pack. Go inside the lab and climb the ladder leading to the area.
11 Strongbox Downtown (building beside Gun Shop Kendo sealed off by a locked fence door). Strongbox containing explosive rounds upon which can be seen upon entering the building.
12 Safe 1F Police Station (West Office) Safe containing hip pouch on the small office at the side of the area. The code is 9 left – 15 right – 7 left.
13 Locker 3F Police Station Locker containing assault rifle ammo along the hallway. The code is DCM.
14 Locker 2F Police Station (Shower Room) Locker in the shower room. The code is CAP.
15 Safe 2F Hospital (Nurse’s Station) Safe in the nurse’s station containing dual magazine (assault rifle). The code is 9 left – 3 right.
16 Padlock 1F Hospital (Reception Area) Locked door at the right of the reception area.
17 Strongbox 1F Hospital Strongbox containing MAG ammo on a cart. From the reception area, head to the corridor branching to the left.
18 Locker 1F Hospital (Emergency Entrance) Locker containing explosive rounds at the area with the glass sliding door broken by zombies.
19 Locker 2F Hospital (Staff Room) Locker containing shotgun shells.
20 Locker 2F Hospital (Linen Room) Locker containing MAG ammo.
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