Resident Evil 3 - Dilapidated Shelter – Near the Clock Tower Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Dilapidated Shelter in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Dilapidated Shelter


Resident Evil 3 Remake - Jill Valentine Character IconJill

Story Mission Objectives

1 Find a way above ground.
2 Escape the creature.
3 Defeat the creature.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Mine Rounds x2, First Aid Spray Loot the items near the file
Green Herb Check the side of the statue
Handgun Ammo Descend the steps and examine the bench near the water
Red Herb Break the crate near the wine sign
Green Herb Search the side of the shrubs surrounding the giant statue in the center
Red Herb Break the crate on the corner near the wrecked cars
Handgun Ammo Check the side near the crate containing the Red Herb
Green Herb Break the crate on the corner near a red car
Shotgun Shells, Handgun Ammo Search the stack of racks on the trolley near the crate containing the Green Herb
Shotgun Shells Check the front seat of the opened van on the corner
Mine Rounds Front seat of the teal van on the corner near the traffic cones
Mine Rounds The smashed police car on the corner

Obtainable Files

Item Location
U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice Bench at the starting area
Clock Tower Brochure Check near the water of the park


Area Enemies
Park Nemesis


Dilapidated Shelter

1 After the cutscene, you’ll regain control of Jill.
2 Check the wooden benches behind the desk with the typewriter to find two pairs of Mine Rounds and a First Aid Spray.
3 Use the inventory box and withdraw the Grenade Launcher if you don’t have it with you yet.
4 Enter the door and shoot the zombies on the far end with the pistol.
5 When you approach the steps, use the mine rounds to eliminate the incoming horde.
6 Make a left and then climb the ladder to unlock a new objective.

Near St. Michael’s Clock Tower

7 Inspect the side of the statue for a Green Herb.
8 Exit the doorway and go down the steps. Go near the water’s edge and loot the Handgun Ammo on a bench.
9 Check the opposite side to find a file.
10 Head straight and check the corner on the left side of the stairs for a crate near an abandoned police car. Break it to find a Red Herb.
11 Scale the stairs to cross the bridge to trigger a cutscene.
12 Defeat Nemesis to trigger a cutscene.
13 Locate the defeated creature for another cutscene.
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