Resident Evil 3 - Item Recipe List

A list of all item recipes in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Included are the ingredients combined to make various recovery items, ammunition, and special items.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Item Recipe List

Resident Evil 3 Remake Item Recipes

Recovery Items

Name Ingredients Effects
High Potency Mixture (G+G) Green Herb x2 Restores a medium amount of health.
Full Potency Mixture Herb (G+G+G) Green Herb x3 Fully restores health.
Full Potency Mixture (G+R) Green Herb + Red Herb Full restores health.


Name Ingredients Effects
Handgun Ammo Gunpowder x2 Standard handgun ammunition.
Shotgun Shells Gunpowder + High-grade Gunpowder Standard shotgun ammunition.
MAG Ammo High-grade Gunpoweder x2 Standard MAG ammunition.
Explosive Rounds Explosive A x2 Explosive grenade launcher ammunition.
Flame Rounds Explosive A + Explosive B Flammable grenade launcher ammunition.
Acid Rounds Explosive B Acidic grenade launcher ammunition.


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