Resident Evil 3 - NEST 2 – Walkthrough

Walkthrough for NEST 2 in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – NEST 2


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Get the vaccine.
2 Search for an antigen.
3 Search for an adjuvant.
4 Escape the facility.
5 Defeat the creature.
6 Take back the vaccine.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Extended Barrel (MAG) Corner near the glass window of the Surveillance Room
High-Grade Gunpowder, Green Herb Corner of the Storage Room
Handgun Ammo Far end of the hall in the upper platform of the laboratory
High-Grade Gunpowder, Handgun Ammo Inside the room with the vaccine equipment
Flash Drive Interact with the computer on the far right end of the room with the vaccine equipment
Gunpowder Corner table of the room upstairs
Handgun Ammo Search the corner of the pitch-black room beside the one where you found the Culture Sample
Culture Sample The room upstairs
Green Herb, Shotgun Shells, Explosive A Search the spot underneath the stairs where you found the Culture Sample
Red Herb Go to the opposite side of the room where you found the file beside the corpse
Gunpowder Search the end table at the corner of the room
First Aid Spray Open the silver chest at the back of the room below the one with the Red Herb
Explosive B Check behind the first life-sized test tube in the middle
Explosive B After defeating a zombie that approaches from the left of the catwalk, search the north corner
Liquid-filled Test Tube Open the drawer in the middle of the room
Explosive A, Gunpowder Search the corners of the room with the Liquid-filled Test Tube
Green Herb Break the crate in the Workers’ Break Room
High-Grade Gunpowder, First Aid Spray Inspect the corner beside the crate in the Workers’ Break Room
Explosive Rounds, Flame Rounds Check the edge beside the desk with the typewriter in the Workers’ Break Room
Gunpowder Look beside the typewriter in the Staff Break Room
First Aid Spray Search the right corner of the Staff Break Room

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Unfinished Activity Log File on the control panel in the room accessed with the lift after restoring the power.
NEST 2 Employee Regulations Search the desk in the corner of the safe room
Isaac Graves’ Diary After climbing the stairs, defeat the zombies and then search the corner near the crate
Essay on Vaccine Synthesis On top of the bed in the room with the machine in the middle
Weapon Authorization Request Pick up the file on the desk next to the machine that gives the Culture Sample
Scientist’s Dying Message Check the corpse in the room below the stairs
Expression of Concern Check the desk on the far right corner of the room near a potted plant
Disposal Center Protocols Side of the door in the Workers’ Break Room
Weapon Spec Sheet Search the rightmost corner of the Staff Break Room
Suspicious Contract Memo On the corner beside the door in the boss area


Area Enemies
NEST 2 Zombies
NEST 2 Hunters
NEST 2 Nemesis


Underground Facility

1 After restoring the power, board the lift to reach the Surveillance Room.
2 You can opt to save here. Use the inventory box to organize your items.
3 Check the corner on the upper right side near the glass windows to find a silver chest containing Extended Barrel (MAG).
4 Approach the panel overlooking the facility for a file.
5 Read the file to trigger a cutscene.


6 Follow Tyrell and pass through the long corridor. Enter the door up ahead for another cutscene.
7 March forward and go through the laboratory door.
8 Go straight and enter the Storage room door in front.
9 Check the left shelf for a High-Grade Gunpowder. Pick up the Green Herb sitting on the floor on the opposite corner of the room. Before you leave, grab the file from the table near the tank. You can opt to save here.
10 Leave the storage and then go left and ascend the stairs.
11 Follow the narrow passage past a corpse and pick off the zombie that comes back up on the far end.
12 Another zombie will come after you from behind so take it out before it gets too close. Shatter the crate for some Handgun Ammo. Don’t forget to pick up the file nearby
13 Turn around and go to the other side of this floor. Enter the door on your left.
14 Search the rack on the far left of the room for some High-Grade Gunpowder. Check the upper left corner for Handgun Ammo.
15 After looting the items, move to the other side, ignore the Vaccine equipment for now, and collect the file from the experimental bed.
16 Go to the far right and operate the computer to obtain a Flash Drive.
17 Exit out of the experiment room and go back down the stairs you came from.
18 Make a left and use the Flash Drive to unlock the door with the red “Locked” sign.
19 Enter the door and draw your weapon. Defeat the zombie that appears from the side. Another more powerful zombie will come down the stairs. Shoot him once with the Shotgun to immobilize it for a bit and move past it.
20 When you reach the top, go inside the door on your left and interact with the machine to receive a Culture Sample.
21 A zombie will rise up from the corner. Blast its head off with the Shotgun.
22 Quickly take the file from the desk and then loot the Gunpowder on the corner table.
23 Enter the door on the left corner. Inside this dark room, loot the Handgun Ammo on the left corner.
24 Go back outside and defeat the pair of strong zombies. You’ll find a crawling one coming after you from the stairs as well so pick it off.
25 When you reach the lower floor, dispose of the zombies blocking the path under the stairs. Approach the rack, the spot beneath the stairs, for a Green Herb. There’s also some Shotgun Shells on the rightmost corner along with an Explosive A.
26 Enter the door and search the corpse on the right edge for a file. Move to the opposite corner for a Red Herb.
27 Head straight and examine the end table for a Gunpowder.
28 Proceed down the stairs and then go around to the back of the lower floor.
29 Shoot the zombie that awakens and then open the silver chest for a First Aid Spray.
30 When the coast is clear, check by the corner and plug the loose object back in by pushing it to restore the power.
31 Go to the other side and interact with the panel to open the door to reach the experiment chamber.
32 Cross the path lined with life-sized test tubes and open the chest behind the test tube in the middle for an Explosive B.
33 Go to the far end and ride the lift.
34 Cross the narrow catwalk on the left and pick off the lunging zombie. Unlock the chest on the far north for an Explosive B.
35 Throw a Hand Grenade or use a powerful weapon to dispose of the horde that comes from the room nearby.
36 Inside this room, go to the corner and open the chest for an Explosive A. Search the corner near the experimental instruments for some Gunpowder.
37 Interact with the middle drawer to obtain a Liquid-filled Test Tube.
38 Go back to the lift and reload your weapon. When the capsules burst, fire some Grenade Rounds to defeat the Hunters.
39 You can opt to save at the Storage room again. When you’re ready, head back to the room upstairs with the vaccine machine.
40 Combine the Culture Sample and the Liquid-filled Test Tube to produce a Vaccine Base. Place them in the equipment to begin the synthesis. Configure the setting so that the combination shows “MED, HIGH, LOW.”
41 Pick up the Vaccine to trigger a cutscene.
42 When you regain control, hug the left wall and squeeze through the crawl space. Pass through to trigger another cutscene.
43 Press the button to break free from the boss’ grasp to continue with the cutscene.
44 When you reach the upper floor, break the crate and pick up the Green Herb. Collect the High-Grade Gunpowder and the First Aid Spray nearby.
45 Approach the corner near the step ladder to find Explosive Rounds and Flame Rounds.
46 Organize your items once more and save using the typewriter.
47 When you have everything you need, grab the file plastered beside the hatch. Check the file and then leave the Workers’ Break Room through the hatch.
48 When you enter the mezzanine, head to the left corner and open the chest for some Flame Rounds.
49 Cross the catwalk and take the stairs leading down to trigger a cutscene.
50 Defeat Nemesis and then watch the cutscene.
51 Cross the platform and enter the door. Pick up the Gunpowder beside the typewriter. You can opt to save in the Staff Break Room.
52 Inspect the right corner of the safe room to find a First Aid Spray and a file.
53 Enter the door and then follow the narrow path. Approach the door for a cutscene.
54 Defeat Nemesis.
55 Pass through the remains of the boss and then turn right and then climb up the ladder.
56 Before entering the doorway, grab the file on the floor beside it.
57 Follow the path leading straight and then operate the panel
58 Climb up the ladder and then watch the cutscene.
59 Aim carefully and execute the coup de grace.
60 Watch the long cutscene.

Boss Strategy

Nemesis appears in two phases inside the NEST. The trick for the first fight is to lure him to attack and then punish him with attacks while he’s vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the second boss and final boss fight involves the use of railguns that are parked behind you. Focus on forcing Nemesis to stagger by firing at the glowing “cores” on his body with the Grenade Launcher. Stunning him gives some time to charge the railgun.

Nemesis Final Boss Guide

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