Resident Evil 3 - Gas Station – RPD Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Gas Station in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Gas Station


Resident Evil 3 Remake - Carlos Oliveira Character IconCarlos Resident Evil 3 Remake - Tyrell Patrick Character IconTyrell

Story Mission Objectives

1 Find Dr. Bard.
2 Break the shower room wall.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Brad’s ID Card Loot Brad’s corpse
Green Herb Behind the Main Hall, near the statue
Assault Rifle Ammo Use the ID Card on the chest in the reception
Flash Grenade Operations conference room
Assault Rifle Ammo Enter the door in the conference room and search the desk
Scope (Assault Rifle) West Office chest near the entrance
Hip Pouch Safe inside West Office
Assault Rifle Ammo West Office lockers
Handgun Ammo, Red Herb Corner of the West Office
Assault Rifle Ammo Unlock the 3F locker
Flash Grenade Unlock the shower room locker
Green Herb Corner of shower room
Green Herb Back of the Safety Deposit Room
Battery, Assault Rifle Ammo, Hand Grenade Capsules of the Safety Deposit Room
Electronic Gadget Shower Room
First Aid Spray, Assault Rifle Ammo Lockers on the other side after breaking the wall of the Shower Room
Flash Grenade Desk in the S.T.A.R.S. Office
Assault Rifle Ammo Use the ID Card in the S.T.A.R.S. Office
Red Herb Examine the corner near the office door

Obtainable Files

Item Location
ID Card Security Protocols Check the bench at the reception
Sept. 20 Arrest Report Check the west office desk
Internal Memo File beside the typewriter in the Dark Room
Note to a Friend Door near the steps to 3F
Report on the Mansion Incident Room beside the door in the S.T.A.R.S. Office


Area Enemies
RPD Zombies
RPD Lickers


Gas Station

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Defeat the zombie and loot the ID Card.

R.P.D. Entrance

3 After reaching the main hall, follow Tyrell. You can opt to save and use the inventory box.
4 Check the back for a Green Herb. When the door has been unlocked, proceed to the reception.
5 Use the ID Card to unlock the chest for an Assault Rifle Ammo.
6 Go to the door at the far end to trigger a cutscene at the west wing corridor.
7 Fight your way through the corridor. When the coast is clear, enter the operations conference room and loot the Flash Grenade.
8 Head through the door and loot the ammo on the work desk. Approach the white board to trigger a call.
9 Go to the corner and then unlock the door from the other side. Defeat the zombies by blowing their heads off.
10 Head left and break the crate to find a Green Herb.
11 Enter the West Office on the opposite side of this hall, and use the ID Card to get Scope (Assault Rifle).
12 Go inside the doorway and loot the Handgun Ammo from the desk. Check the safe and turn it this way: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 for a Hip Pouch.
13 Defeat any remaining zombies using well-placed shots to the head. Search the lockers for Assault Rifle Ammo.
14 Check the middle desk for a file.
15 Head to the far end for a Red Herb and then examine the side for Handgun Ammo.
16 Take a pitstop at the Dark Room to save if you wish. Here, you can find some Assault Rifle Ammo and a Red Herb from the lockers.
17 Check the file beside the typewriter.
18 Turn the switch on to light up the room and then examine the instruments on the desk
19 Exit the room and then head upstairs.

3F R.P.D.

20 Go through the corridor to trigger a call.
21 Go upstairs and defeat the zombie lying on the floor.
22 Retrieve the key from the desk.
23 Break the crate for a Green Herb and then input “DCM” to open the locker for Assault Rifle Ammo

2F R.P.D.

24 Enter the shower room door beside the steps leading to 3F. Grab the file.
25 Check the locker and input “CAP” to get a Flash Grenade. Loot the corner for a Green Herb.
26 Head to the shower room and loot the Electronic Gadget before leaving.

1F R.P.D.

27 Locate the Safety Deposit Room. Go downstairs to find a Licker. Dodge its attack and defeat it with the Assault Rifle.
28 Use the Key you found in 3F to unlock the door.
29 Line shots to the head to defeat the approaching zombie.
30 Go around back and pick up the Green Herb.
31 Interact with the terminal and put 104, 106, and 109 to unlock the cases. Pick up the Battery, Assault Rifle Ammo, and Hand Grenade.

2F R.P.D. Revisited

32 Return upstairs and go to the shower room. Attach the battery to the Electronic Gadget and then place it on the wall to trigger the cutscene.
33 Throw a grenade to thin out the approaching zombies. Finish them off with the Assault Rifle.
34 Quickly loot the lockers from the room to find a First Aid Spray and some Assault Rifle Ammo.
35 Exit the room and quickly make your way to the S.T.A.R.S. office for a cutscene.
36 Check the desk for a Flash Grenade.
37 Go through the doorway on your left and use the ID Card to obtain some Assault Rifle Ammo.
38 You can opt to use the inventory box to organize your items.
39 Approach the office entrance and then turn right and enter the room for a file.
40 Before heading out, check the corner near the door for a Red Herb.
41 Leave the office to trigger a cutscene.
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