Resident Evil 3 - Hospital Part 3 – Underground Facility Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Hospital Part 3 in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Hospital Part 3


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Leave the sickroom.
2 Head to the underground facility.
3 Restore power to the elevator.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Handgun Ammo, G18 Handgun (Burst Model) Inspect the desk near the mounted phone of the makeshift sickroom
Handgun Ammo Break the crate by the sickroom door in the lobby
Green Herb In the passage connecting the lobby and the reception. Break the crate near the wall.
MAG Ammo Pick the lock on the left corner of the corridor after going through the door in the reception
Explosive B Check the desk near the doctor’s corpse in the Lab Reception
Explosive Rounds Pick the lock on the doorway after clearing the zombies. The hall that connects to the Operating Room.
Handgun Ammo, Green Herb, Flash Grenade, Hand Grenade Operating Room
Shotgun Shells Pick the lock in the Staff Room
MAG Ammo Pick the lock in the Linen Room
High-Grade Gunpowder Sickroom
.44 AE Lightning Hawk After going through the crawlspace, drop down to the courtyard and open the chest
Handgun Ammo Enter the first door after going down the steps and check the corner of the room
Explosive B When you reach the warehouse, go down the steps and check the corner on your right.
Green Herb Corner of the room after using the first lift in the warehouse.
Hip Pouch Search the desk in the safe room
Explosive A Exit the safe room door and then check the stack of boxes
Handgun Ammo, Gunpowder Check the crates on the right corner. This is the same spot where you found the first fuse.
Handgun Ammo Examine the compartment on top of the boxes.
Red Herb Look down near the gap after squeezing through
Shotgun Shells Search the cardboard of the room near the office
High-Grade Gunpowder On top of the teal shipping container
Gunpowder, High-Grade Gunpowder The compartment containing the zombies. The site is near the fuse.
Green Herb The compartment housing the Hunter Gamma
Gunpowder Site where a Hunter spawns. The spot leads to the location of the last fuse.
Shell Holder Silver chest on the right corner

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Spencer Memorial Pamphlet Corner near the locked door at the reception
RE: Lost Items Near the operating table in the Operating Room
Elevator Notice On the desk with the typewriter in the safe room at the underground facility
Employee Memo The room on top of the stairs at the upper floor of the Underground Facility. The spot is opposite of the Shotgun Shells


Area Enemies
Hospital Hunters
Hospital Zombies
Underground Facility Hunters
Underground Facility Hunter Gamma
Underground Facility Zombies


Hospital Part 3

1 You can choose to save. Approach the desk near the mounted phone, the same one where Tyrell used to sit nearby to find a new pistol. That being said, you can deposit some key items and weapons in the inventory box to get some space.
2 When you leave the sickroom, a cutscene will take place.
3 After the conversation, break the crate near the sickroom door to find Handgun Ammo.
4 Enter the door leading to the reception. Use the knife to smash the crate leaning by the left wall for a Green Herb.
5 Head through the next set of double doors and snipe the idle zombie.
6 Approach the door on the right and check the corner for a file. Pick the door’s lock to unlock a passage.
7 Ignore this door for now and enter through the door on the left side of the room.
8 Move left and pick the lock of the chest to find MAG Ammo.
9 Go to the Lab Reception and enter the voice-authenticity door to retrieve some Explosive B.
10 Exit this room and go through the door on the east of the Lab Reception. A Hunter will come out of the Operating room. You can reenter the door to get a safe entry and snipe it.
11 There’s another padded lock on the right doorway. Throw a Hand Grenade or use Grenade Launcher to dispatch the zombies here. When the coast is clear, use the lockpick to find some Explosive Rounds.
12 Enter the Operating Room and search the corners for a Handgun Ammo, a Green Herb, a Flash Grenade and a Hand Grenade.
13 Take the file near the operating table.
14 Leave Operating Room and follow along the path leading to the Nurse’s Station.
15 Defeat the Hunter that spawns directly facing you with a Grenade Launcher.
16 Enter the Staff Room and dodge or pick off the zombies with a pistol. Pick the lock on the corner for some Shotgun Shells. Head out of the room.
17 Swing by the safe room to save and deposit some items if you wish, then proceed to the Linen Room to pick the last locker for MAG Ammo.
18 Now head to the Nurse’s Station. Enter the sickroom and loot the High-Grade Gunpowder.
19 Return to the Nurse’s Station. Here, approach the safe and turn the dial “9 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise” to get the Dual Magazine.
20 Leave the Nurse’s Station and have Jill squeeze through the crawl space.
21 After reaching the new area, drop down the window to reach the Courtyard. Loot the chest for a .44 AE Lightning Hawk.
22 Jump across the barricade and then head back indoors.
23 Return to the reception and through the door you unlocked with the lockpick through the passage.

Underground Facility

24 Descend the steps and open the door to reach a foggy room.
25 Go around to the side and break the crate for Handgun Ammo.
26 Pass through the door and cross the bridge to reach the door with the Exit sign.
27 Go down the steps and then search the right corner for Explosive B.
28 Turn around head straight passing by some large vehicles and then interact with the panel to trigger the lift.
29 Head to the far corner of this room to find Green Herb.
30 Operate the terminal in the middle to trigger another lift going up.
31 Approach the lift in front and use this to go to the upper floor.
32 Enter the door and use the inventory box to free some space.
33 Check the desk beside the box to find a Hip Pouch and a file. You can opt to save here.
34 Leave through the door on the left. .
35 Ignore the steps leading to a dead end and cross the bridge. Grab the Explosive A on top of some stacks of boxes.
36 Approach the right edge and then drop off to the lower floor .
37 Go straight and try to interact with the terminal.
38 When the lights are out, you’ll receive an objective.
39 Operate the panel on the far right end and a zombie will rise up. Quickly move out of the way and kite it while the lift opens.
40 Run to the opened lift and board it. You can take out the zombie while it struggles to enter the lift before it takes you up.
41 Exit the lift and collect the first fuse from the case. Head to the right corner and break the crates for some Handgun Ammo and Gunpowder.
42 Go back down and place the fuse, and then go back up again.
43 Take the ladder on the left edge beside the spot you found the fuse.
44 Enter the compartment and collect some Handgun Ammo from the stack of boxes.
45 Make sure your gun is loaded before approaching the open path past the ladder.
46 Take out the pair of zombie dogs with a Shotgun.
47 Head past the collapsed structure and then hug the right side. Pick off the zombie and then squeeze through the gap.
48 After passing through, look down and pick up the Red Herb underneath.
49 Follow the path and use the lift to bring it to the upper platform.
50 Scale the stairs and then enter the door. More zombies will come after you from the left, so pick them off with the Shotgun.
51 Check the corner to find some Shotgun Shells on top of the cardboard. Examine the opposite side for a file.
52 Unlock the door from the other side and then use the inventory box to move some items. You can also save if you wish.
53 Leave the Underground Office and then go back down the stairs and use the lift.
54 Cross the catwalk and then use the other terminal nearby to bring the lift on the far north up. Follow the path and then pick up the High-Grade Gunpowder on top of the shipping container on the corner.
55 Descend the ladder, turn around, and then approach far right end of the section and enemies will start to break in from both sides.
56 Dispose of the zombies nearby with a Shotgun. Defeat the Hunter Gamma approaching from the left with some Grenade Rounds.
57 When the coast is clear, examine the right corner to find another fuse.
58 Before leaving this section, search the compartments where the zombies came out from to find some Gunpowder and High-Grade Gunpowder. Do the same for the Hunter’s container to find a Green Herb.
59 Go back up the ladder, cross the lifts and then back down the steps. Squeeze through the gap and the climb up the ladder.
60 Board the lift, bring it down, and then go back to the fuse box and use the fuse.
61 Return to the room where you unlocked the door from the other side leading to the safe room. From here, exit through the door on your right and then climb down the ladder.
62 Head straight, loot the Gunpowder and then defeat the Hunter. Approach the red light for a fuse.
63 Before using the last fuse, explore one last spot for an item. Go back up the ladder and then enter the room. Return down the stairs and pass through the platform without going up.
64 Follow the path straight to approach the corner on the right. Here, you’ll find a silver chest containing a Shell Holder.
65 Return to the spot with the fuse box and pick off the strong zombies.
66 Insert the last fuse to unlock a new objective.
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