Resident Evil 3 - Hunter Gamma Enemy Information

Enemy information for Hunter Gamma in Resident Evil 3.

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Hunter Gamma (Hunter γ)

Not to be confused with the Hunter Beta which have more reptilian traits, the Hunter Gamma bear more aquatic features and thus have earned the nickname “Frogger.” They appear as large blobs with deformed, stubby feet akin to underdeveloped frogs. They lack a pair of eyes but make up for it with their pointed fangs. Similar to their uninfected counterparts, the “Frogger” reside on damp areas such as sewers and other bodies of water.

The first glimpse of the creature shows that it can be found inhabiting an unknown waterway. Even with their teeth, they don’t bite and instead expose their massive jaws. In its place, the Hunter Gamma’s deformed head opens inward, revealing an orifice similar to the Grave Digger.

Previously, the Hunter Gamma appeared as overgrown bipedal frogs with their bodies consisting of webbed hands, feet, and a wide mouth that is devoid of fangs.

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