Resident Evil 3 - Demolition Site – Gas Station Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Demolition Site in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Demolition Site


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Return to the subway station.
2 Escape the creature.
3 Go to the subway platform.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Explosive A, Green Herb Counter near the Gun Shop entrance
Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun) Lower left section of the Gun Shop
Explosive A Lower left section of the Gun Shop, shelf at the corner
Handgun Ammo, Gunpowder Desk and rack on the section opposite the spot where you found the Explosive A
Kendo’s Gate Key Dangling on the Key rack near the counter
Red Herb Past the gate near the zombie
Explosive Rounds Chest after using the lockpick inside the abandoned house’s bedroom
First Aid Spray Smash the crate close to the fire after escaping from the pursuer
Supply Case Steps near Moon Donuts

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Raccoon times Reader’s Column File on the bed inside the abandoned house in the residential area


Area Enemies
Streets Zombies
Streets Nemesis


Demolition Site – Downtown

1 After the cutscene, you’ll wind up back at the streets.
2 Follow the path that leads to the abandoned fire truck.
3 Climb the fire truck and cross the long emergency ladder.
4 Jump down the other side of the street.
5 Round up the horde of zombies near the gas canister, careful not to let them reach you, and blow them up with a well-placed shot from the pistol.
6 Head to the far end of the street to find a familiar place. Go inside.

Gun Shop

7 You’ll find many supplies facing you from the door, take the Explosive A, Green Herb. After taking the items, move to the rack on the left.
8 Collect the Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun) to get an upgrade.
9 Combine items if you need to for space, and then loot the Explosive A on the corner shelf.
10 Move to the other side and take the Handgun Ammo from the desk, and the gunpowder from the rack at the corner.
11 Approach the pitch-black opening to trigger a cutscene.
12 Go to the key rack and take Kendo’s Gate Key.
13 Not much else to do here, you can save and store some items on the nearby inventory box. Exit the shop.


14 Head to the padlocked gate beside the shop and then use the key to unlock it.
15 When you make the first few steps in, the “corpse” awakens. Back away and place a headshot to take it out. Collect the Red Herb nearby afterward.
16 One of the new enemies appear from a distance, snipe it with the pistol.
17 Follow the path and enter the door from the stoop.
18 Snipe another enemy that comes out of the stairs.
19 Head upstairs and go inside the room. Use the lockpick to find some Explosive Rounds. Take the file from the bed.
20 Leave the house through the back door to return to the street.


21 The street appears to be too quiet. Approach the path leading to the narrow alley to activate a cutscene.
22 Take off to the alley and try to move out of Nemesis’ line of sight. Use dodge moves and move in a zig-zag fashion.
23 You can lure his laser sight to the approaching zombie with some evasive moves.
24 Cross the alley and move sideways to evade the projectile. Eventually, you’ll trigger a cutscene.
25 Make a beeline up north for another cutscene.
26 After barely surviving, march to the crate ahead near the fire. Break it to find a First Aid Spray.
27 Turn around and stick to the left and take the stairs leading to a narrow catwalk.
28 Climb up the ladder and then drop off to the other side to prompt a call.
29 Here, you’ll end up at the roof of Moon’s Donuts where everything is covered in flames. Head down the steps and approach Toy Uncle for a cutscene.
30 Go back and take cover behind the wall near the steps to avoid the rolling mascot.
31 When Nemesis comes out, throw a Hand Grenade if you have or fire a Grenade Round to buy some time. Move up the steps and take the Supply Case. Open it to obtain a Moderator.
32 Make a right and then head to the alley. Cross the alley to find someone taking off to the gas station. Follow him to initiate another cutscene.

Gas Station

33 Similar to the previous objectives, follow the NPC to cross the underground path.
34 You can opt to make a pitstop at the ticket gate to deposit some items. When you’re ready, rejoin Carlos and then follow the path heading down for another cutscene.
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