Resident Evil 3 - Garage – Subway Station Revisited Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Garage in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Garage


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Reactivate power at the substation.
2 Reset the circuit breakers.
3 Bring the trains online in the subway office.
4 Return to the subway station.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Shotgun Shells Workbench inside the garage
Handgun Ammo Near the corpse in the alley
Gunpowder Break the crate tucked under some abandoned vehicles in the street
Red Herb Platform leading to the safe room in the Substation
Green Herbs x2 Near the foot of the stairs outside the Substation
Case Held by the corpse on the corner of the fence outside the Substation. Inspect for an item.
Handgun Ammo After ascending the ladder, break the crate.
Handgun Ammo Use the lockpick on the locker in the subway office
First Aid Spray After using the lockpick inside the garage
Hand Grenade Unlock the locker beside the Kitchen in Donut Moon
Shotgun Shells Open the briefcase at the Subway Station Ticket Gate

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Training Log Beside Murphy
U.B.C.S. Suicide Note Near the corpse in the alley outside the garage
Electrician’s Notice Plastered on the alley wall
Fax from Substation Chief Desk near the window of the safe room in the Substation
Green Herbs: They Work! Area at the foot of the stairs outside the safe room
Substation Internal Memo Posted on the wall outside the substation
Chad’s Notes Check the file near a corpse covered in slime after climbing the ladder


Area Enemies
Streets, Downtown Zombies
Streets, Downtown Zombie Dogs
Subway Power Substation Drain Deimos
Streets, Downtown Nemesis
Downtown Super Zombies



1 Use the inventory box to store some items for later use. You may also opt to save if you wish.
2 Use the Bolt Cutter to cut the chain off of the red door.
3 Enter the door for a cutscene.
4 Check the workbench for some shotgun shells.
5 Examine the file near Murphy.
6 Walk up the steps and then enter the door.


7 When you reach an intersection, make a right.
8 Pick up the Handgun Ammo and the file beside the corpse on the corner.
9 Head to the opposite direction and inspect the wall for another file.
10 If you turn around after collecting the file, you’ll find a pack of infected dogs patrolling the area up ahead. Shoot the transformer quickly.


11 Follow the path leading to the street, ignoring the zombies banging the fence as you go along.
12 Pass by the broken street light and then check the right side for a crate, break it with a knife to collect some Gunpowder.

 Control Room

13 Enter the metal fenced door and then carefully make your way into the red door with a voltage sign.
14 Equip the handgun and fire some shots to fell the approaching zombie.
15 Make a left and pick off or dodge another zombie as you move closer to the lockers.
16 Open one to find some Gunpowder.
17 More zombies emerge from the stairs so take them out to clear a path.
18 Climb the stairs and check the rack on the landing for a Red Herb.
19 Enter the Control Room and pick up the Hip Pouch to expand your carrying capacity.
20 The area is also a safe room. There’s also an inventory box here for storing or taking items and a typewriter if you wish to record your progress.
21 Check the desk near the window for a file.
22 Leave the room through the back door and then descend the stairs.

Outside the Control Room

23 Check the rack for a file.
24 Collect the pair of Green herbs beside the file.
25 Examine the file near the danger sign.
26 Pick up the case from the corpse.
27 Examine the case to obtain a lockpick.
28 Enter the pitch black area and break the crate for a Handgun Ammo.
29 Return to the gate with the danger sign and use the lockpick.
30 Open the door for a cutscene.

Subway Power Substation

31 Go through the metal fence door.
32 Equip the handgun and then turn left past the transformer to find a Green Herb on the corner.
33 Quickly back away from the transformer and shoot it when the Drain Deimos draw near.
34 Look around the ceiling and take out the remainder of the enemies.
35 Continue past the transformer going north and then make a left on the far end for another Green Herb.
36 Before you enter the metal fence door, operate the first circuit breaker.
37 Go through the door and then climb the ladder.
38 Break the crate for some Handgun Ammo and then loot the file near it.
39 Cross the catwalk and then climb down the ladder on the far end.
40 Strafe and pick off the enemies from the ceiling.
41 From the intersection, make a right and then interact with the second circuit breaker.
42 Take out the approaching swarm of Drain Deimos.
43 Turn around and head straight, ignore the first turn and make a left on the second.
44 Interact with the third circuit breaker.
45 From the second circuit breaker, the fourth one is completely opposite of it. Head straight and activate it to complete the objective.
46 Exit the area and return to the safe room for a cutscene.

Control Room Revisited

47 Make another save file if you wish.
48 Leave the room through the other side to trigger a call to start a new objective.
49 Before you exit the office, return to the lockers on the ground floor and pick the lock for a Handgun Ammo. Exit the area.


50 Backtrack to the alley and a boss will appear.
51 Nemesis catches up fast so run past the transformer quickly and draw him in. Shoot it to buy some time.
52 Hug the right wall and then dodge the zombies to reach the garage for another call.
53 Pick the lock beside the work bench for a First Aid Spray. Save if you wish.
54 At this point, you can revisit many previous spots to pick locks for extra items. Make sure to deposit any spare items for future use to free some space.


55 Unlike your first exploration of downtown, this time you’ll have Nemesis on your tail. Employ evasive moves to slip through his grasp and then shoot a nearby Transformer to momentarily stun him.
56 Important areas where the lockpick proves useful include the corner near Donut Moon Kitchen which holds a Hand Grenade.
57 Go around the diner to avoid Nemesis, and then head to the Railway. Dispatch the pair of zombies blocking the way with a Hand Grenade if you have to.
58 Go to the terminal and operate the panel to distribute the power. You need to open lines from Redstone Street all the way to Fox Park. The codes on the left signify the first two letters of the area, and the codes on the right show the path. The correct path is RE-01, FA-02, RA-03, SA-02, and F0-01.
59 When you exit the office, a new enemy spawns. Knock it down to clear a path and then exit. Head to the diner and leave through the other door for a cutscene.

Subway Station Revisited

60 Quickly shoot the transformer to buy some time. Backtrack to the subway station to rejoin the other survivors.
61 Many zombies patrol the the path leading to the subway. If there are more zombies such as in the alley, knock one down and then dodge the remainder. Go through the shutter.
62 Check the desk and use the lockpick for some Shotgun Shells.
63 Go all the way down to the subway to trigger a cutscene.
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