Resident Evil 3 - Zombie Enemy Information

Enemy information for the Zombie in Resident Evil 3.

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What are Zombies?

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Zombies

Zombies are residents that have succumbed to the effects of the t-virus that spread across Raccoon City. These consist of civilians that came into contact with the city’s contaminated water or have sustained injuries from infected organisms. After transforming into zombies, they have abandoned all means of rationalization, and instead seek for the living to feast on their flesh. Zombies are common enemies that often move in groups. They move slow and tend to reach out their hands in hopes of grappling passers-by. When closing in on their prey, they sometimes charge a bit faster than normal which helps them potentially capture their target. Their primary means of attack is biting their victim’s neck to cause them to stagger and bleed.

The zombie relies mostly on its head and hands. When a leg or two is severed, the zombie can drop on the floor and continue chasing their prey by crawling. The trick to defeating a zombie is to blow its head clean off with a well-timed gunshot. Some areas also offer ways to take them out efficiently such as luring them near gas canisters which can help wipe out almost all surrounding enemies at the cost of a mere bullet or two.

Since they tend to move sluggishly, running past them or using evasive actions often helps to get past them.

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