Resident Evil 3 - Difficulty Setting Guide

A guide on game difficulty settings in Resident Evil 3. Included are the characteristics of Assisted, Normal, Hardcore, Nightmare and Hell.

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Resident Evil 3 Game Difficulties

Before starting a new game, you will be required to select the difficulty. There are three game modes available at the start while two are unlocked by meeting certain conditions.

Unlockable Features

Difficulty Description
Assisted Select this if you are new to survival-horror games. Here, you’ll encounter enemies with low health and come across a surplus of supplies and animation. When sustaining damage, the player regains some health over time. You will also have an assault rifle that you can use at the start of the story,
Normal Select this if you want to enjoy a bit of challenge while fully enjoying the main story. In normal mode, your health does not regenerate and enemies take more shots to kill.
Hardcore Select this if you want some challenge while covering the story. Here, players can’t afford to confront every encounter since enemies can take a beating before going down. Given the lack of items compared to the other difficulties, players should conserve supplies and ammo and dodge past most enemies when necessary.
Nightmare Recommended for veterans. Nightmare requires players thorough mastery of item conservation combined with flawless combat skills. Aside from facing tougher foes, players have to adapt to even tougher enemies, altered item locations, and scarce ammo.

Nightmare mode is unlocked after clearing the game on Hardcore mode.

Inferno The toughest challenge in the game. Inferno has even tougher enemies and even fewer resources for you to survive. It is recommended to use various tools, secret weapons, and items that are purchased at the point shop when playing on Inferno.

Hell is unlocked after clearing Nightmare.

How to Unlock Secret Weapons

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