Resident Evil 3 - Story Walkthrough List

All story walkthroughs for Resident Evil 3 Remake. Included are each location's areas, enemies, key items, and Mr. Charlies.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Main Story Walkthrough

Resident Evil 3 Remake Story Walkthroughs

Jill’s Apartment

Jill’s Apartment Walkthrough

  • Investigate the apartment.
  • Go to the rooftop parking lot.
  • Go with Carlos.
Enemies Zombies, Zombie Dog
Key Items
Files Jill’s Report, Investigation Notes, Unsealed Envelope, Message from Colleague
Mr. Charlies

Subway Station

Subway Station Walkthrough

  • Make it to the street level.
  • Reactivate power at the substation.
  • Put out the fire.
Enemies Zombies, Nemesis
Key Items Fancy Box, Bolt Cutters, Inventory Box, Dot Sight (Handgun), M3 Shotgun
Files U.B.C.S. Ammunition Crafting Guide, Tabloid Front Page, U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual, Drugstore Owner’s Journal, Subway Employee’s Memo, Kite Bros. Railway Manual


Garage Walkthrough

  • Reactivate power at the substation.
  • Reset the circuit breakers.
  • Bring the trains online in the subway office.
  • Return to the subway station.
Enemies Zombies, Zombie Dogs, Drain Deimos, Super Zombies, Nemesis
Key Items Case
Files Training Log, U.B.C.S. Suicide Note, Electrician’s Notice, Fax from Substation Chief, Green Herbs: They Work!, Substation Internal Memo, Chad’s Notes

Subway Station Revisited

Subway Revisited Walkthrough

  • Lure the creature away from the substation.
  • Find a way above ground.
  • Escape the creature.
  • Defeat the creature.
Enemies Nemesis, Hunter Gamma, Zombies
Key Items Battery Pack, MGL Grenade Launcher
Files Sewer Map, Increased Sewer Security, Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo, Research Assistant’s Logs, Sewer Worker’s Notes, A Love Letter?

Demolition Site

Demolition Site Walkthrough

  • Return to the subway station.
  • Escape the creature.
  • Go to the subway platform.
Enemies Zombies, Nemesis
Key Items Semi-auto Barrel (Shotgun), Kendo’s Gate Key, Supply Case
Files Raccoon times Reader’s Column

Raccoon City Police Department (RPD)

Gas Station – RPD Walkthrough

  • Find Dr. Bard
  • Break the shower room wall.
Enemies Zombies, Lickers
Key Items Brad’s ID Card, Scope (Assault Rifle), Hip Pouch, Electronic Gadget,
Files ID Card Security Protocols, Sept. 20 Arrest Report, Internal Memo, Note to a Friend, Report on the Mansion Incident

Dilapidated Shelter – Clock Tower

Dilapidated Shelter Walkthrough

  • Find a way above ground.
  • Escape the creature.
  • Defeat the creature.
Enemies Nemesis
Key Items
Files U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice, Clock Tower Brochure

Hospital (Part 1)

Hospital Part 1 Walkthrough

  • Search for a vaccine.
  • Search for an audio-cassette.
  • Unlock the voice-authentication door.
Enemies Zombies, Hunters
Key Items Tape Player, Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle), Hospital ID Card, Audio-cassette Tape, Vaccine Sample
Files Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 25, Memos for Administration, Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 29, Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 27, Note about a Tape Recording, Banquet Invitation, Email from Nathaniel Bard

Hospital (Part 2)

Hospital Part 2 Walkthrough

  • Give the vaccine to Jill.
  • Defend Jill.
  • Place the detonator.
  • Hold out until the explosion.
Enemies Hunters, Zombies
Key Items Detonator

Hospital (Part 3)

Hospital Part 3 Walkthrough

  • Leave the sickroom.
  • Head to the underground facility.
  • Restore power to the elevator.
Enemies Hunters, Hunter Gamma, Zombies
Key Items G18 Handgun (Burst Model), Shell Holder
Files Spencer Memorial Pamphlet, RE: Lost Items, Elevator Notice, Employee Memo


  • Get the vaccine.
  • Search for an antigen.
  • Search for an adjuvant.
  • Escape the facility.
  • Defeat the creature.
  • Take back the vaccine.
Enemies Zombies, Hunters, Nemesis (Final Boss)
Key Items Extended Barrel (MAG), Flash Drive, Culture Sample, Liquid-filled Test Tube
Files Unfinished Activity Log, NEST 2 Employee Regulations, Isaac Graves’ Diary, Essay on Vaccine Synthesis, Weapon Authorization Request, Scientist’s Dying Message, Expression of Concern, Disposal Center Protocols, Weapon Spec Sheet, Suspicious Contract Memo
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