Resident Evil 3 - Hospital – Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Hospital in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Hospital


Resident Evil 3 Remake - Carlos Oliveira Character IconCarlos Resident Evil 3 Remake - Jill Valentine Character IconJill

Story Mission Objectives

1 Search for a vaccine.
2 Search for an audiocasette.
3 Unlock the voice-authentication door.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Assault Rifle Ammo Desk near the door of the makeshift sickroom
First Aid Spray, Assault Rifle Ammo Desk near the computers in the Lobby
Red Herb Reception desk
Tape Player Lab Reception desk
Green Herb Lab Reception, corner near the door
Assault Rifle Ammo, Green Herb Hall outside the Lab Reception
Handgun Ammo Corner on the upper floor
Assault Rifle Ammo Staff Room
Handgun Ammo Step ladder inside the Records Room
Green Herb Desk in the Records Room
Assault Rifle Ammo Bookshelf in the Records Room
Assault Rifle Ammo Corner on the top floor
Green Herb, Key Courtyard
Assault Rifle Ammo Stretcher on the first floor near the vending machine
Green Herb, Hand Grenade, Assault Rifle Ammo Sickroom
Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle) Courtyard, after dropping off from the middle of the top floor
Hospital ID Card After unlocking the door in the staff room with the Key, check the locker
Assault Rifle Ammo, Red Herb Linen Room
Audiocasette Tape Bed in the room with the Hunters in the Treatment Room
Assault Rifle Ammo, Handgun Ammo, Green Herb Unlock the room with the voice-authentication and search the desks
Vaccine Sample Unlock the room with the voice-authentication,  watch the cutscene and then head to the door nearby

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 25 Enter the room with the green light in the long hall and take the file near the Tape Player
Memos for Administration Wall near the door of the Staff Room
Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 29 Check the middle of the Staff Room
Nurse’s Journal :Sept. 27 Safe Room on a bookshelf
Note about a Tape Recording Desk in the Reception
Banquet Invitation Unlock the door using the Tape Player and then check the file near the doctor’s corpse
Email from Nathaniel Bard Check the computer on the far left side of the room with the voice-authentication


Area Enemies
Hospital Zombies
Hospital Hunters



1 You’ll continue with Carlos again. Check near the entrance for the inventory box and deposit some of the key items to free up some space. You can also opt to save at this point.
2 When you’re ready, head out the door to enter the lobby.
3 Search the desk with the computers for a First Aid Spray and Assault Rifle Ammo.
4 Enter the double doors on the north east, right of the sickroom.
5 Pick off the zombies one by one.
6 Loot the Red Herb from the reception desk.
7 Enter the door to wind up in a long corridor. Make a right and head straight. Go through the door with a green light.
8 Approach the desk and take the Tape Player.
9 From the reception desk, make a left and loot the Green Herb.
10 Go through the hall on the left and defeat the zombies. Pick up the Assault Rifle ammo on the table to the right. Break the crate for a Green Herb near the door.
11 Proceed left and then head upstairs and through the door.
12 At the rooftop, head to the exit and follow the path to reach a door leading to the other side.
13 When you reach the intersection, head right and loot the Handgun Ammo.
14 Ignore the door at the middle and head straight then right to the double doors to find the Staff Room filled with pools of blood.
15 Go to the corner to find some Assault Rifle Ammo and then check the wall near the door for a file. There’s another file by the desk in the middle of the room.
16 Exit the Staff Room and then head to the room you passed by earlier with a green light.
17 Here, you’ll find yourself inside the Records Room, a safe room. Go right and pick up the Handgun Ammo from the step ladder. Check the bookshelf for a file. You can save and store items if you wish.
18 Collect the Green Herb from the desk near the typewriter and then examine the bookshelf lined near the entrance for Assault Rifle Ammo.
19 Exit the safe room and approach the door on the opposite side of the exit leading to the rooftop.
20 Check the corner for Assault Rifle Ammo and go near the window and drop down to the Courtyard.
21 Pick up the Green Herb on your left and then move to the middle and grab the Key from the floor.
22 Follow the path back indoors and take the Assault Rifle Ammo from the stretcher.
23 Unlock the door near the vending machine.
24 Return to the room on the opposite side facing the rooftop exit to reach the Nurse’s Station. Check the file at the back of the huge desk. Be ready to defeat the incoming horde.
25 Enter the Sickroom and defeat the zombie on the floor. Collect the Green Herb, then the Hand Grenade near the bed and the Assault Rifle Ammo by the door before returning to the Nurse’s Station.
26 Ignore the Safe for now since there’s no code.
27 After leaving the Nurse’s Station, go back to the Staff Room and use the key to open the door.
28 Open the lockers to score a Hospital ID Card.
29 Before heading out, make sure to prepare your Hand Grenade and then go out of the Staff Room to trigger a cutscene.
30 Defeat the Hunter.
31 Return to the Nurse’s Station and use the ID Card on the door on the corner to unlock it.
32 Pass through the corridor and then enter the Linen Room.
33 Pick off the zombie doctor.
34 Hug the left wall and pick up the Assault Rifle Ammo.
35 Defeat the second zombie and then take the Red Herb on the step ladder near the shelf.
36 On the far left, unlock the door from the other side but don’t go in yet.
37 Open the door to the Treatment Room and pick off one of the Hunters with the Grenade followed by the Assault Rifle.
38 Snipe the remaining Hunter while it’s back is turned. When the coast is clear, check the bed on the far end to find the Audiocasette Tape.
39 Combine the Tape with the Tape Player.
40 When you exit the Nurse’s Station, a Hunter will block your way. Unload a Flash Grenade and then quickly jump down to the Courtyard.
41 Collect the Tactical Grip and then leap across the ledge. Locate the Lab Reception.
42 On your way, you’ll find the room connecting to the Lab Reception is swarming with zombies. Shoot the approaching zombie in the head to knock it down and then dodge the rest as you beeline to the door past the zombies breaking in.
43 Use the Tape Player on the door to unlock it.
44 Rummage the left side of the area to find some Assault Rifle Ammo and Handgun Ammo. When you’re done, check the desk on the right for a file.
45 Interact with the doctor lying on the chair to trigger a cutscene.
46 Scrounge the middle desk for a Green Herb and then search the right side for Assault Rifle Ammo.
47 Check the Computer with an Umbrella logo to obtain a file. A cutscene will occur after going through the pages.
48 After the cutscene, enter the door and then approach the container to get the Vaccine Sample to unlock the next objective.
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