Resident Evil 3 - Tyrell Character Information

Character information for Tyrell, a character in Resident Evil 3.

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Tyrell Patrick

Resident Evil 3 - Tyrell Patrick

A U.B.C.S. mercenary who was raised in Suriname. Tyrell was involved in the supply of firearms in the French Foreign Legion. The group brought the weapons in a genocidal campaign and they were later caught. After piecing together information which linked to Tyrell, the court tried and eventually gave him a life sentence. In this time, Tyrell sought for help and found a mercenary organization, Umbrella. The organization bought his freedom and gave him a position as a U.B.C.S. soldier.

In 1998, the t-Virus spread across Raccoon City and with the height of the water contamination, Umbrella had no choice but to dispatch its troops to cover up the whole affair.

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