Resident Evil 3 - Subway Station Revisited – Demolition Site Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Subway Station Revisited in Resident Evil 3, including a list of enemies, files, and obtainable items.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough – Subway Station Revisited


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Lure the creature away from the substation.
2 Find a way above ground.
3 Escape the creature.
4 Defeat the creature.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Handgun Ammo After splitting up, search the shelf of the abandoned storage before entering the yellow vent.
Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Shells Check the lockers inside the first room in the sewers
Gunpowder, Shotgun Shells Corner of the sewers
Flame Rounds Corner on the path opposite where you found the Sewer Worker’s Notes
Battery Pack After climbing the ladder, enter the room and then check the rack near some tanks
Green Herb Behind the work desk in the control room
Gunpowder, Explosive A Locker and the pad-locked locker
High-Grade Gunpowder Opened experiment rack
Battery Pack On the electronic-locked door past the orange fenced gate
Green Herb, Explosive A Doorway to the right after entering the shutter in the Demolition Site
Grenade Rounds Corner of the Demolition Site Rooftop
Shotgun Shells, Green Herb Side of the construction materials in the middle of the rooftop

Obtainable Files

Item Location
Sewer Map Wall beside the door of the first room in the sewers
Increased Sewer Security From the safe room, head north and then check the wall near the blue door.
Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo Check the step ladder inside the second safe room
Research Assistant’s Logs Search beside the door of the second safe room
Sewer Worker’s Notes Pass through the opening with a waterfall and search the corner
A Love Letter? Check the employee desk inside the control room


Area Enemies
Subway Station Nemesis
Sewers Hunter Gamma
Demolition Site Zombies
Demolition Site Top Floor Nemesis


Subway Station Revisited

1 Climb the steps and when you’re halfway up, throw a Hand Grenade to interrupt the boss.
2 Head all the way to corner. You can opt to face the transformer to stun the boss or enter the door right away.
3 Search the shelves quickly for a Handgun Ammo.
4 Proceed to the opposite side of the room and interact with the yellow vent to break it open.
5 Go through the crawlspace and pass through the doorway to trigger a cutscene.


6 Enter the first room you come across and pick up the Red Herb on the desk. You can also save with the typewriter if you wish.
7 Check the wall beside the door for a map. Check the map to find out that you’re currently in the manager’s room.
8 Search the lockers for some ammo.
9 Exit the safe room and then follow the trail leading north.
10 Grab the file on the wall to read through it.
11 Follow the trail that leads down to the disposal.
12 When the path forks, take the north path to encounter the first Hunter Gamma. Dispose of it with a Hand Grenade followed by a well-placed shot from the Shotgun.
13 Continue north, climb the ladder and finally enter the door to wind up in the second safe room.
14 Pick up the Explosive B on top of the barrel. Use the inventory box to store some spare ammo. You can opt to save here too.
15 Check the side rack to find the powerful MGL Grenade Launcher. This weapon takes up a hefty space, so you need to store some of your spare recovery items to free some space.
16 Before heading out, take the file from the step ladder beside the rack to learn about crafting advanced ammunition. There’s also a file near the one-way door.
17 Exit the safe room and then head back down the ladder. Navigate through the canal and when it forks, make a left.
18 You’ll find Hunters as you go along. When one pops up, bait it to expose its mouth, backpedal as you do, and line those shots to knock it down. Continue along the passage and when you reach an opening where water gushes out, turn around and pass through the other side to find another Hunter. Take it out.
19 When the coast is clear, enter the opening draped by falling water to find a file and some ammo.
20 Follow the path on the opposite side again and check the right corner for some flame rounds.
21 When you reach the end of the canal, look right to find a ladder. Climb on top of it and then enter the door to reach the control room.
22 Check the rack beside some tanks to find the Battery Pack.
23 Search the work desk for a file and then turn around and pick up the Green Herb on the corner.
24 Open the lockers and unlock the other one with the lockpick to get Gunpowder, Explosive A.
25 Follow the left wall to find some High-Grade Gunpowder on top of the opened rack. Craft some bullets to free some space if you need to.
26 Exit the room and then return all the way to the ladder to reach the upper floor.
27 Ascend the spiral stairs and then use the Battery Pack on the blue door to unlock it.
28 Follow the path lined with a pipe on the right. Defeat the Hunter Gamma that pops up near the steps and then head to the northwest side of the map to bring down the ladder for a shortcut.
29 Turn around and then enter the fenced door with an orange frame. Retrieve the battery pack.
30 Exit this passage and then take the battery pack to the other electronically locked door.
31 Enter the door and loot the Gunpowder near the coffee machine. Pick up the Hip Pouch from the green work desk. Collect the Explosive A on the corner as well.
32 Before descending the yellow ladder, collect the battery pack again.
33 Use the battery pack on the door nearby.
34 Ascend the steps and follow the narrow passage.
35 Make sure to reload your weapons, and assign each of them for quick draw later. When you’re ready, climb the ladder to trigger a cutscene.

Demolition Site

36 Hug the left wall to dodge the zombies and make a beeline for the shutter.
37 Go through the door and use the inventory box to store some items.
38 Enter the doorway to your right and pick up the Explosive A. Check the right corner of this room for a Green Herb.
39 Exit the safe room and then make a right and ascend the narrow steps.
40 You’ll find many zombies have settled here. Snipe them from afar to pick them off. Draw them to the stairs to funnel them with bullets to finish them off.
41 Take the steps to the upper floor. Here, you’ll find the boss covering the lower floor in flames. Continue up the steps and then interact with the boards to build a makeshift bridge. Cross to the other side.
42 Ascend the ladder to trigger a cutscene.
43 Scale the rest of the steps for another cutscene. Hurry and follow the trail around the demolition site. Climb the ladder in the middle of this area.
44 Continue to scale the rest of the floors to stumble upon a safe room. Use the inventory box and then save if you need to. Take the time to restock your ammo, recovery items, and organize your items by combining gunpowder. When you’re ready, climb up the ladder to reach the rooftop.
45 Defeat Nemesis and then watch the cutscene.
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