Resident Evil 3 - All Charlie Doll Location Guide

A guide on how to find all mr charlie statuettes in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll Locations

A series mainstay since Resident Evil 7 are collectible bobblehead figures. In Resident Evil 3, the demo walkthrough contains around 20 bobbleheads called Mr Charlie. Below is a list of the number and locations they can be found.

No. Area Location
1 Subway Station After meeting Carlos, turn around and go up the stairs. The doll is between a newspaper vending machine and postbox.
2 Moon Donuts Beside the microwave behind the counter.
3 Drugstore owner’s room (across the pharmacy) Next to the safe on the top shelf.
4 Subway Station Office Under the table.
5 Subway Power Station On the shelf next to the door in the control room.
6 Downtown (Toy Store) Behind the entrance door.
7 Sewers Behind the steel gate near the ladder going to the lab.
8 Sewers In the hallway through electronic door (requires the battery pack) near the yellow ladder. After getting inside, climb up the long flight of steps and turn around to find doll.
9 Building near Gun Shop Kendo After opening the locked gate to the left of Gun Shop Kendo, go inside the building ahead to find the doll on the table.
10 Police Station From the cemetery near the entrance to the police station, proceed east towards the stairs going down. Just before the stairs is the doll on your right.
11 1F Police Station On the shelf in the safety deposit room.
12 Subway Tunnels In the row of cells past the first area of the dilapidated shelter. Check the second cell on the right to find the doll.
13 Clock Tower After coming up on the ladder leaving the tunnels, head to the van on your left to find the doll.
14 1F Hospital On an stretcher at the end of the hallway past the reception area.
15 2F Hospital Get up on the roof through the wide exit door. Turn around and face the door and look to your lower left to find the doll.
16 2F Hospital In a trash bin behind the door inside the sick room.
17 1F Hospital On a forklift in the vehicle room on the eastern section of the hospital. You will need to pick the padlock to enter.
18 Underground Storage On the shelf on the right after passing through the shelves when searching for the fuse.
19 2F NEST 2 On the corner of the balcony of the large room between the near the worker’s break room.
20 2F NEST 2 Check the small room behind lab 1 to find the doll on the ground.

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