Super Mario Odyssey - Cheep Cheep: Captured Enemy Data

Learn more about the Cheep Cheep in this Captured Enemy Data for Super Mario Odyssey. The data also includes the exclusive actions for the enemy.

Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep


If you look closely, a captured Cheep Cheep has Mario’s signature mustache and hat.


Here are the actions that you can do while using a captured Cheep Cheep:

  • Mario can swim quickly through water.
  • While this creature remains captured, Mario can perform a spin attack by shaking the Joy Cons or the Pro Controller.
  • Since he’s a fish, Mario doesn’t need to go to the surface for air.
  • If the creature is “de-captured” while on land, it’ll disappear.
  • Depending which direction is facing, Mario can shine beams of light depending where the body is facing.
    • The mechanics of the light beam work similarly to how Mario throws a shell at his enemies.

Cheep Cheep Locations

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