Super Mario Odyssey - Mushroom Kingdom: Walkthrough Guide

This page contains a strategy guide for the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide includes the location for each Power Moons in the kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

This page contains a strategy guide on the Mushroom Kingdom found in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide contains walkthroughs for each location in the kingdom, as well as the location for each Power Moon in the area.

Mushroom Kingdom

Source: Nintendo

The Mushroom Kingdom takes its form from the fungus. It is headed by Princess Peach who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. The capital of this Kingdom is Toad Town. This Kingdom’s population is diverse with total residents classified into 19 species. Those who inhabit the Kingdom range from Toads to Goombas to Boos to Humans. Her highness Princess Peach belongs to one of the handful of humans who reside in this Kingdom.


We will post the walkthrough for each area/location in the kingdom once the game releases. Stay tuned for updates.

Power Moon Locations

Main Power Moons

Mission How to Get
Shopping Near Peach’s Castle Buy it from the shop near Peach’s Castle.
Secret Path to Bubblaine! From the Odyssey spawn point, enter the painting that warps to Seaside Kingdom then unlock the treasure chest.
Mushroom Kingdom Timer Challenge Throw Cappy to the scarecrow to make the Power Moon appear then dart to the location by Rolling (Hold ZL then press Y) to nab the item.
Toad Defender Use Cappy to capture a Goomba then approach the Toad guarding the alcove to drive him away.
Love at Peach’s Castle Dive into the moat then use Cappy to drain the water. Capture a Goomba and stack them up to then face the idle Goomba.
Taking Notes: Around the Well Enter the 8-bit section near the Castle and collect the Music Notes quickly. Exit the pipe and shake the joy con to make Cappy spin to retrieve the leftovers.
2D Boost from Bullet Bill Enter the well then pass through the pipe to trigger an 8-bit section. Be sure to stay beside the backdrops. Jump on top of Bullet Bill to reach the distant Power Moon.
Secret 2D Treasure From the same 8-bit section as above, continue along the stage until you reach an upside down pipe to enter. To reach the Power Moon, time a well-placed jump on Bullet Bill while upside down.
Picture Match: Basically Mario Throw Cappy on the rocket ship to initiate the mini-game. Solve the puzzle by placing each of facial parts in the correct spaces then inform Toad to finalize your answer. If done right, you will receive the Power Moon.
Caught Hopping at Peach’s Castle Catch the rabbit using Cappy.

If you talk to Archivist Toadette near the throne inside Princess Peach’s Castle, you can unlock more Power Moons depending on your performance.

List of Kingdoms

Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Lake Kingdom Luncheon Kingdom
Metro Kingdom Jungle Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Seaside Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Wooded Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom

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