Super Mario Odyssey - Lost Kingdom: Walkthrough

This page contains a strategy guide for the Lost Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide includes the location for each Power Moons in the kingdom.

Lost Kingdom

This page contains a strategy guide on the Lost Kingdom found in Super Mario Odyssey Kingdom. The guide contains walkthroughs for each location in the kingdom, as well as the location for each Power Moon in the area.

Lost Kingdom: Walkthrough

Lost Kingdom is an archipelago that has a tropical climate. The location is surrounded by toxic purple water. The plants that grow in the area are dyed in deep colors, whereas there are several peculiar creatures native to the area. The greater location for Lost Kingdom is Forgotten Isle.


Retrieve Cappy from Klepto the thief

  1. Cross the bridge then take the right set of steps which is sandwiched between two platforms.
    • Climb up the elevated platform and perform a ground pound to access the opposite platform.
  2. Ascend the other platform to reach the next floor.
    • Dodge the enemies that greet you on top, then cross the path flanked by poison pools to reach another platform.
    • Execute another ground pound on the far right to produce a set of steps to reach the next area.
  3. As you arrive on Swamp Hill, there will be 2 Tropical Wigglers. Time the jump well to dodge them.
    • Follow the path to Klepto who is perched on top of the platform. Pursue it and it will evade Mario’s grasp by descending to the platform below.
    • Stop at the upper platform then perform a ground pound when Klepto is resting below to retrieve Cappy.



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