Super Mario Odyssey - Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Metro Kingdom, including collectibles, enemies, and boss strategies. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

Metro Kingdom

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues with Super Mario Odyssey’s Metro Kingdom.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

The Metro Kingdom is based on New York City. Pauline, named after the damsel-in-distress in the old Donkey Kong games, acts as the mayor of the city. The people who live in New Donk City call themselves as New Donkers.

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Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

Scourge on the Skyscraper

  1. You’ll start on the rooftop overlooking New Donk City. Go to the Spark Pylon and descend to the city. Defeat Urban Stingbys using Cappy when they attack you.
  2. Be careful of the Sherm tank near the Crazy Cap store if you go left. You will come across a scooter you can use to travel faster. The right of the store will be barricaded.
  3. On the scooter, ride past the two Sherms there. You will come up to another barricade, so take the other path going to the construction site.
  4. Cross the beams and defeat the Goomba there. When you come across the Sherm, capture it and defeat the Stingbys on the street.
  5. Back in the main street, pass the cars and capture the Sherm on the big beam. Defeat the six Sherms firing at you by constantly strafing. Then, approach the City Hall and go right. Defeat the Stinbgy there.
  6. Go up the stairs and defeat the Goombas there. Then, use the Spark Pylon to reach the Heliport. Pass on the beams and enter the City Hall.
  7. Make your way to the other side using the ruined platforms. Defeat the Yellow Goombas there and turn right. Then, use the lift to go up.
  8. Use another lift to go up again and defeat the Stingbys along the way. Run to the pole on the left and go up, then pass on the crumbling platforms. Use the pole on the right and defeat the Stinbgys to reach the exit.
  9. Use the Spark Pylon to travel to the top of the City Hall. Speak to the person at the rooftop. A boss fight will begin when you go near the bug there.

Boss: Mechawiggler

Go to our Mechawiggler Boss Guide.

A Fresh Start for the City

  1. Go to the Town Hall Plaza at Cranky Avenue. You will find Mayor Pauline there so talk to her. You need to find some musicians for the festival.
  2. The drummer is near the City Hall entrance (to the right of Mayor Pauline).
  3. The guitarist is at the entrance to the Main Street to the right.
  4. The bassist is found quite far from Main Street. He is at the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. Exit the City Hall and turn left until you a Spark Pylon on the edge. Use it to get to the park and find the bassist.
  5. The trumpeter is found at the top of the three-sided building. You can go to the City Hall and perform a long jump from the roof.

Powering Up the Station

  1. Talk to Mayor Pauline again. You’ll need to fix the underground power plant
  2. A man nearby will tell you to use the manholes to reach the power plant Afterwards, move to his right. You can use the manhole at the Outdoor Cafe by throwing your cap to it.
  3. You will see that the power plant is infested with Piranha Plants. You can hit them with your hat to allow you to move on the platform. Defeat the Stingbys along the way.
  4. Hit the two platforms to make them spin around. This allows you to reach the other end. Defeat the Stingbys, then head to the left to find a big platform. You can throw your cap to the device to make it move. Jump on the platform as it goes up, then go to the Warp Pipe.
  5. Pauline will appear again. Then, clear the area of poison by throwing your cap. You can defeat the two Giant Piranha Plants by going to the side and plugging them. As they fall, jump on them.

A Traditional Festival

  1. From the Odyssey, go down into the pipe to go inside the mural. You will enter an area where you need to dodge barrels. Proceed forward with the barrels on the train. You can bump on the question blocks there as well. Head up to the wall on the left.
  2. The level will turn upside-down. Be careful not to get hit by the barrels. When you reach the platform in the middle, you can climb up by jumping on the question blocks (there will be hidden blocks as you go). You can sprint through the coins in the next area.
  3. When you come off the skyscraper, you will reach the last area of the kingdom. You need to dodge more barrels as you go up. You will come up to Donkey Kong. To defeat him, hit the blocks below him. Take the Warp Pipe and return to the party.
  4. This completes all the missions for the Metro Kingdom. From here, you can choose to go to the Snow Kingdom or the Seaside Kingdom by travelling on the Odyssey.

Metro Kingdom Purple Coin Locations

← Lost Kingdom Snow Kingdom →

Other Kingdoms

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