Super Mario Odyssey - Souvenir List and Guide

List and guide of souvenirs in Super Mario Odyssey, including souvenir name, cost, and each of their details. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Souvenir List and Guide


Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey. Here, we go over a list of souvenirs.

Souvenir List Super Mario Odyssey

Source: Nintendo

A souvenir is an item that can be purchased exclusively in a Crazy Cap shop for each country. These souvenirs are used to decorate the interior of The Odyssey, Mario’s airship. Besides the souvenirs, there are also the stickers which decorate the body of The Odyssey.

The souvenirs serve as a reminder for each kingdom that you’ve visited in the game.

How to Obtain Souvenirs

New Donk City (Metro Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 –  –  –

Tostarena (Sand Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
Jaxi Statue  5 In the Tostarena region, the Jaxi has lived alongside the people since ancient times. This statue is made from the stones of the ruins!
Pyramid Model 25 A famous location in the Tostarena ruins. Even the tiniest details are faithfully re-created, like the reliefs etched onto the walls!

Lake Lamode (Lake Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
Rubber Dorrie 5 Fans of the universally loved Dorrie have been clamoring for a quality reproduction like this. It’s designed to feel just like the real thing!
Underwater Dome 25 This snow globe featuring the Water Plaza in Lake Lamode uses water from the Lake Kingdom.

Mount Volbono (Luncheon Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 –  –  –

Steam Gardens (Wooded Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
Flowers from Steam Gardens 5 This popular arrangement of flowers from Steam Gardens is often given as a gift.
Steam Gardener Watering Can 25 This robot-shaped watering can is designed to look like the people of the Wooded Kingdom. A nice souvenir, it’s also great for gardening!

Bonneton (Cap Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 Bonneton Tower Model 25 This model of a tower in the Cap Kingdom is popular with tourists thanks to its faithful re-creation and detailed craftsmanship.
Plush Frog 5 These little froggies wear tiny top hats for self-defense, which looks so darn cute, they made a toy version!

Fossil Falls (Cascade Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 T-Rex Model  5 This dino’s pose is so impressively lifelike, you can almost hear it roar!
Triceratops Model 25 A replica of a real dinosaur fossil from the Cascade Kingdom. Hang this on a wall, and it’ll completely transform a room!

Shiveria (Snow Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 –  –  –

Bubblaine (Seaside Kingdom)

Souvenir Cost Details
 –  –  –

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