Super Mario Odyssey - Topper (First Battle) Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Topper (first battle) in Super Mario Odyssey, including boss attacks, tips, and strategy. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Topper (First Battle): Boss Guide

Topper (First Battle)

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey starting with the first boss battle against Topper.

Topper is one of the Broodals, the secondary antagonists in Super Mario Odyssey. The Broodals are a group of rabbits who serve as wedding planners for Bowser and Princess Peach’s wedding. He is fought near Bonneton in Cap Kingdom, which is appropriate since he uses hats as primary weapons. He is one of the first Mario Odyssey Broodal boss that Mario fights in the game.

Topper Boss Guide

Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey Topper is a stumpy white rabbit wearing a green suit with a yellow ribbon. He is also wearing a top hat with spikes around the middle part of the hat.

How to Beat

At the start of the boss fight, Topper stacks two copies of his signature green hat and launches towards Mario. You must first get rid of his hats in order to deal damage to him.

Use Cappy and throw him towards Topper to make one of his hats fall off. After falling off, the hats will slide around the area like the classic Koopa shell and will deal damage. Avoid the hats and continue hitting him until all his hats are removed from him.

Topper Boss Guide

Source: Nintendo

After the hats are removed, attack Topper’s head. Once you attack him multiple times, he starts hiding inside one of his hats, with all three sliding around the area. You must spot the hat where he is and hit it with a hat throw to deal damage.

Repeat the process of finding Topper in the hats until he starts to panic. Once he panics, he starts running instead of being stunned when he is exposed, making it harder to hit him. Continue finding and attacking him until he is defeated.

Once he is defeated, he falls to the ground dazed. You will receive a Multi Moon for defeating this boss.

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    • Yeah. Also, you don’t have to attack the hat that Topper is sliding around in. You can just wait it out, or you can stomp the hat he’s in to immediately go into the second phase. Also, if you wait for Topper to do his attack where he spins around, you can stomp his back to deal damage to got to the second phase, or to end the fight if you’re already in the second phase.