Super Mario Odyssey - RoboBrood Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Robobrood in Super Mario Odyssey, including boss attacks, tips, and strategy. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars - RoboBrood Boss Guide


Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey with a battle against RoboBrood.


The Robobrood is another Super Mario Odyssey boss that you face in Bowser’s kingdom. After defeating all the Broodals, they bring on a big robot similar to Voltes V that you have to defeat. With each of the Broodals piloting it, they’ll be controlling each of the robot’s movements including its shooting and movement. Other times, players would refer to it as the Mecha Brood.

How to beat

When fighting this boss, it has two phases in which it changes its pattern of attack.

Phase 1

The Robobrood’s main form of attack is throwing bombs. During the bomb throwing spree, a Pokio appears at the Robobrood’s feet. Quickly have Cappy take control of the bird, allowing Mario to peck at the incoming bombs. Peck the incoming bombs at the the boss’ feet until it falls to the ground. Then, climb up so you can poke one of the four glasses containing one of the Broodal.

After the glass shatters, it’ll stand up again. Repeat it one more time before it moves to the next phase.

Phase 2

For phase 2, the Robobrood’s legs will start glowing a rainbow colour. After that, the boss will start charging at you. Break off from the Pokio to dodge properly or you can dodge as a Pokio. After it finishes charging at you, it’ll start throwing discs on the ground which you can peck away as a Pokio using the bomb. While deflecting the rings, you can also use it to damage the enemy.

Once you shatter all the glass cockpits, you’ll have defeated the boss.

Robobrood death

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