Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser (Second Battle) Boss Guide

Second boss battle guide for Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey, including boss attacks, tips, and strategy. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Bowser (Second Battle) Boss Guide


Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey’s rematch against Bowser.

Bowser Boss Guide

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Bowser is the final boss in Super Mario Odyssey. After defeating the Broodals, the wedding planners for Bowser’s nefarious wedding to Princess Peach, Mario travels to the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save the Princess.

In the final fight, Bowser is wearing his luxurious wedding suit accessorized with a white top hat bearing his signature symbol in the middle. Before the Super Mario Odyssey final battle commences, Bowser reveals two boxing gloves attached to some metallic contraptions that make the gloves move.

How to Beat

Bowser Boss Guide

Source: Nintendo

Bowser usually stands and jumps over the small circles found at the ends of the area. Once he stands on one of these circles, he will throw his big hat at Mario. This hat spins around the area, and the only way to stop it is by throwing Cappy in its direction. Once the hat is down, Mario will then be able to wear the hat itself.

Once Mario wears the hat, Bowser unleashes a barrage of circular flames that expand as they travel. You can avoid these flames by jumping over them, but be careful as you cannot perform a double jump while wearing Bowser’s hat.

Bowser Boss Guide

Source: Nintendo

You need to get close to Bowser in order to hit him with the boxing gloves. However, Bowser will throw several boulders at you, so avoid them by moving to the left or to the right before a boulder hits you. Once you are near him, hit him multiple times with the boxing gloves until he is dazed, at which time he will unleash three circular flames before going down.

Once he sits down, hit him a number of times with the boxing gloves again until he stands up. After standing up, he will go to the center of the area and unleash a flamethrower from his mouth which moves in a circular motion. You can avoid the flames by jumping, but you cannot hit him at this time.

Bowser Boss Guide

Source: Nintendo

Bowser will then go back to the circles, only this time he will summon copies of his hat and throw them all at you. However, if you hit his real hat, all of the shadows hats will disappear. You can also use the cap throw move at the shadow hats to make them disappear. Some of the shadow hats contain a heart piece, so if you are running low on health, you can take out some of them to heal up.

Bowser will constantly repeat this pattern throughout the boss fight, so all you have to do is memorize his moves and hit him multiple times with the boxing gloves when he is vulnerable.

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