Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side: Walkthrough

Know where to find the most important Power Moons in the Dark Side by reading this Walkthrough Guide for Super Mario Odyssey.

Dark Side

This page contains a strategy guide on Dark Side found in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide contains walkthroughs for each location in the kingdom, as well as the location for each Power Moon in the area.

Dark Side: Walkthrough

The Dark Side of the Moon is a secret location in Super Mario Odyssey. This location is accessible after collecting 250 Power Moons after beating the game. Its greater location is called Rabbit Ridge.


Rabbit Ridge

  1. Take the Spark pylon to reach the distant platform.
  2. Scale up to get to the platform above then equip the Binoculars.
    • From there you will see a vibrant beacon from a distance which indicates your next destination.
  3. Follow the light by climbing a set of platforms.
    • Spin Throw at the Spark pylon to cross the cables leading to a gap in the hole.
  4. Trail along the path then make a right turn to enter the door that takes you to Rabbit Ridge’s Tower.

Rabbit Ridge Tower

  1. At this point you will face the Broodals in quick succession. For every time you enter a new floor, expect to face another boss. Proceed to the platform to commence the first boss fight.

Boss Fight: Topper Rematch

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  1. Continue following the stairs which lead to another doorway.
  2. Follow the hallway to find another door, enter it to reach the tower’s second floor.

Boss Fight: Harriet Rematch

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  1. Trail along the path to arrive at the third floor.

Boss Fight: Spewart Rematch

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  1. Continue up the path to reach the fourth floor.

Boss Fight: Rango Rematch

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  1. Contrary to other bosses, once you exit the boss area you can find one heart lying on the corridor that leads to the pipe.
  2. After collecting the heart, head to the last floor to encounter RoboBrood.

Boss Fight: RoboBrood Rematch

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Power Moon Locations

Main Power Moons

Mission How to Get
Captain Toad on the Dark Side! Before you enter the pipe, head to the rightmost edge to find Captain Toad. Talk to him to claim a Power Moon.

Multi Moon

Arrival at Rabbit Ridge – Defeat the Rabbit Ridge bosses on Rabbit Ridge Tower.



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  1. I am stuck on the dark side. Ive looked everywhere and even refought the broodals again. Still cant find an exit. Please respond if you have any idea