Super Mario Odyssey - Mollusque-Lanceur III: Boss Guide

This page contains a guide on how to beat Mollusque-Lanceur III in Super Mario Odyssey. This guide provides a few strategies that you can use to defeat him.

Mollusque-Lanceur III

Brigadier Mollusque-Lanceur III is a boss fought in the Seaside Kingdom. This octopus is different from the other octopuses in the kingdom due to the fact that it is noticeably bigger than any of its kind. The name of this Seaside Kingdom boss is still unknown, but we will give you an update on its name once the game releases.


Source: Nintendo

The octopus creature has a blonde mustache, eyebrows, and hair, with the top of its head covered in a lava-like substance. It also seems to wear some sort of purple scarf with gold trimmings, which gives off a sort of elegance in his look, with a white tie that emphasizes on the octopus’ royalty-like appearance. In addition, the overall look of Mollusque-Lanceur seems to resemble the outfit often worn be pirates in the past.

How to Beat

The boss will often spout water that deals damage at long distance. He will also sometimes get a spiked rock bomb from his mouth and throw it at the area where you’re standing. This rock bomb explodes after a certain time, so you have time to avoid it before he explode.

Do your best to avoid Mollusque-Lanceur’s attacks, but this will be harder since you will mostly be swimming during the fight.


Source: Nintendo

To deal damage to heal. Capture a small octopus in the area and use its water-spouting ability to propel yourself upwards. While hovering in the air, go to the top of his head and spew water downwards. Keep spouting water until the lava-like substance on the top of his head disappears.

He will turn more aggressive as the fight goes on. He will sometimes spew a spiked seashell at you while you’re in the air, so try to avoid it. Repeat the process of damaging him until he is defeated.

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