Super Mario Odyssey - Luncheon Kingdom Power Moon List: Guide

Contains a complete list of all the Luncheon Kingdom Power Moon hidden around the area and their respective names in Super Mario Odyssey.

Luncheon Kingdom Power Moon

Luncheon Kingdom is the 11th kingdom you’ll come across in Super Mario Odyssey. The kingdom took its name from the food-inspired places in the area such as Meat Plateau and Salt Isle Pile. In the middle of the island lies a volcano called Mount Volbono.

Power Moon List

No. Main Story Power Moons
1 The Broodals are After Some Cookin
2 Under the Cheese Rocks
3 Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In!
4 Climb Up the Cascading Magma
5 Cookatiel Showdown!
6 Piled on the Salt
7 Lurking in the Pillar’s Shadow
8 Atop the Jutting Crag
9 Is this an Ingredient Too?

Atop a Column in a Row

11 Surrounded by Tall Mountains
12 Island of Salt Floating in the Lava
13 Overlooking a Bunch of Ingredients
14 Light the Lantern on the Small Island
15 Golden Turnip Recipe 1
16 Golden Turnip Recipe 2
17 Golden Turnip Recipe 3
18 Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
19 Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
20 Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
21 Beneath the Rolling Vegetables
22 All the Cracks are Fixed
23 Taking Notes: Swimming in Magma
24 Love Above the Lava
25 Shopping in Mount Valbono
26 Luncheon Kingdom Slots
27 A Strong Simmer
28 An Extreme Simmer
29 Alcove Behind the Pillars of Magma
30 Treasure Beneath the Cheese Rocks
31 Light the Two Flames
32 Light the Far-Off Lanterns
33 Bon Apetit, Captain Toad!
34 The Treasure Chest in Veggies
35 Caught Hopping at the Volcano
36 Taking Notes: Big Pot Swim
37 Magma Swamp: Floating and Sinking
38 Corner of the Magma Swamp
39 Magma Narrow Path
40 Crossing to the Magma
41 Fork Flickin to the Summit
42 Fork Flickin Detour
43 Excavate ‘N’ Search the Cheese Rocks
44 Climb the Cheese Rocks
45 Spinning Athletics End Goal
46 Taking Notes: Spinning Athletics
47 Secret Path to Mount Valbono

A Tourist in the Luncheon Kingdom

49 Found With Luncheon Kingdom Art
50 The Rooftop Lantern
51 Jammin’ in the Luncheon Kingdom
52 Mechanic: Repairs Complete!
53 Diving from the Big Pot
54 Hat-and-Seek Among the Food
55 Regular Cup
No. Post-Game Power Moons
56 Peach in the Luncheon Kingdom
57 From Inside a Bright Stone
58 Under the Meat Plateau
59 On Top of a Tall, Tall Roof
60 From a Crack in the Hard Ground
61 By the Cannon Pointed at the Big Pot
62 Luncheon Kingdom: Master Cup
63 Stepping Over the Gears
64 Lanterns on the Gear Steps
65 Volcano Cave Cruisin’
66 Volcano Cave and Mysterious Clouds
67 Treasure of the Lava Islands
68 Flying Over the Lava Islands
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