Super Mario Odyssey - Rango (First Battle): Boss Guide

Learn how to beat Rango in Super Mario Odyssey. This guide provides a few strategies that you can use to defeat him during the first battle.

Rango (First Battle)


Rango is one of the Broodals, the secondary antagonists in Super Mario Odyssey. The Broodals are a group of rabbits who serve as wedding planners for Bowser and Princess Peach’s wedding. He is fought at Water Plaza Terrace in Lake Kingdom. Rango is the fourth Mario Odyssey Broodal boss that Mario fights in the game.

Rango, who serves as the group’s bouncer, is a tall white rabbit wearing orange suspenders paired with a scarlet ribbon. He is also wearing a wide-brimmed cream-colored hat.

How to Beat

He starts by deploying his hat in a Grinder-like fashion. Mario needs to fling Cappy to turn it upside down to reveal the safe spot. Have Mario follow-up by leaping onto it to send himself flying. Pilot Mario to land on top of Rango to deal damage to his exposed cranium.

Doing so causes coins to come out, so be sure to collect them quickly while Rango remains temporarily unconscious.

Lake Rango

By the time he wakes up, the boss retreats into his hat to chase Mario similar to how Topmaniacs move. At this point, Mario must dodge him by running away until he tires out. The boss then proceeds with his regular pattern except this time it follows a circular pattern.

Counter with Mario’s Cappy to provide some cover while toppling his hat. Rinse for this process for the final time to finish him off.

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