Super Mario Odyssey - Harriet (Second Battle) Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Harriet (Second Battle) in Super Mario Odyssey, including boss attacks, tips, and strategy. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Harriet (Second Battle) Boss Guide

Harriet (Second Battle)

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey with a rematch against Harriet.


Harriet is the female member of the Broodals. Like the other broodals, you’ll have to face her twice in battle. The first time you face Harriet is in the Sand Kingdom. You’ll then engage her again in Bowser’s Kingdom.

How to beat

When Harriet starts the battle, she reveals spiked balls in her hair. She’ll begin throwing it at you which detonate after a delay of 1-2 seconds. However, Mario can use Cappy to deflect the explosive spiked ball back at her. Time Cappy’s throw that when it hits the spiked ball, it’ll fly back towards her. When it hits her, it’ll shatter the cap on her head and leave her vulnerable. She will try to run away but chase her and then stomp on her head to deal damage.

After you stomp on her, the boss will hide inside her hat and began whizzing around. While whizzing around, she’ll dropped spiked bombs on the ground while following you. She’ll do this thrice while dropping three bombs at a time. After that, she’ll return back to her normal form where you can attack Harriet again.

However, she’ll add a new pattern of attack. After three bomb throws, the spiked bombs in her hair suddenly turn purple from blue. Instead of throwing it, she’ll spin it around and try to slam you down with it. Dodge it to keep it stuck before throwing it back at her by throwing Cappy at it. But take note, you only have 3 seconds before the bomb explodes.

If you hit the bomb, it’ll fly back to Harriet and stun her. Stomp on her again to deal damage.

Do it one more time and you’ll successfully defeat the boss.

Harriet Death

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