Super Mario Odyssey - Metro Kingdom Power Moons

List of all collectible Metro Kingdom Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Wooded Kingdom Power Moons

Metro Kingdom Power Moon

Metro Kingdom is the seventh kingdom you’ll come across in Super Mario Odyssey. The kingdom closely resembles a modern high-bustling city, as it has huge skyscrapers and yellow cabs in the streets. The kingdom drew inspration from New York City. The inhabitants of the kingdom are humans called New Donkers.

Make sure to play this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars!

Metro Kingdom Walkthrough

Power Moon List

No. Main Story Power Moons
1 New Donk City’s Pest Problem
2 Drummer On Board!
3 Guitarist On Board!
4 Bassist On Board!
5 Trumpeter On Board!
6 Powering up the Station
7 A Traditional Festival
8 Inside an Iron Girder
9 Swaying in the Breeze
10 Girder Sandwich
11 Glittering Above the Pool
12 Dizzying Heights
13 Secret Girder Tunnel
14 Who Piled Garbage on This?
15 Hidden in the Scrap
16 Left at the Cafe?
17 Caught Hopping on a Building!
18 How Do They Take Out the Trash?
19 Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
20 Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
21 City Gardening: Building Planter
22 City Gardening: Plaza Planter
23 City Gardening: Rooftop Planter
24 How You Doing, Captain Toad?
25 Free Parking: Rooftop Hop
26 Bench Friends
27 Shopping in New Donk City
28 Metro Kingdom Slots
29 Jump-Rope Hero
30 Jump-Rope Genius
31 Remotely Captured Car
32 RC Car Pro!
33 Taking Notes: In the Private Room
34 City Hall Lost and Found
35 Sewer Treasure
36 Celebrating in the Streets!
37 Pushing Through the Crowd
38 High Over the Crowd
39 Rewiring the Neighborhood
40 Off the Beaten Wire
41 Moon Shards Under Siege
42 Sharpshooting Under Siege
43 Inside the Rotating Maze
44 Outside the Rotating Maze
45 Hanging from a High Rise
46 Vaulting Up a High Rise
47 Bullet Billding
48 One Man’s Trash
49 Motor Scooter: Escape!
50 Big Jump: Escape!
51 Secret Path to New Donk City!
52 A Tourist in the Metro Kingdom!
53 Found with Metro Kingdom Art
54 Bird Traveling in the City
55 Mario Signs His Name
56 Surprise Clown!
57 A Request from the Mayor
58 Jammin’ in the Metro Kingdom
59 Sphynx in the City
60 Free Parking: Leap of Faith
61 Metro Kingdom Regular Cup
62 Hat-and-Seek: In the City
63 Powering Up the Power Plant
64 Up on the Big Screen
65 Down Inside the Big Screen
66 Peach in the Metro Kingdom
No. Post-Game Power Moons
67 Hanging Between Buildings
68 Crossing Lines
69 Out of a Crate in the City
70 Bird Traveling in the Park
71 Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
72 Found in the Park! Good Dog!
73 RC Car Champ!
74 Metro Kingdom Master Cup
75 Hat-and-Seek: In the Crowd
76 Scaling Pitchblack Mountain
77 Reaching Pitchblack Island
78 Swinging Scaffolding: Jump!
79 Swinging Scaffolding: Break!
80 Moto Scooter: Daredevil!
81 Full-Throttle Scooting!
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