Super Mario Odyssey - Snow Kingdom Power Moon List: Guide

Contains a complete list of all the Snow Kingdom Power Moon hidden around the area and their respective names in Super Mario Odyssey.

Snow Kingdom Power Moon

Snow Kingdom is the ninth kingdom you’ll come across in Super Mario Odyssey. Much like the name suggests, the area is covered in snow and even one part of the area is plagued with blizzards. The locals in this area also have a knack for racing, which makes up for some of the missions in this kingdom.

Power Moon List

No. Main Story Power Moons
1 The Icicle Barrier
2 The Ice Wall Barrier
3 The Gusty Barrier
4 The Snowy Mountain Barrier
5 The Bound Bowl Grand Prix
6 Entrance to Shiveria
7 Behind Snowy Mountain
8 Shining in the Snow in Town
9 Atop a Blustery Arch
10 Caught Hopping in the Snow
11 The Shiverian Treasure Chest
12 Treasure in the Ice Wall
13 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
14 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
15 Moon Shards in the Snow
16 Taking Notes: Snow Path Dash
17 Fishing in the Glacier
18 Ice-Dodging Goomba Stack
19 Captain Toad is Chilly
20 I’m Not Cold!
21 Shopping in Shiveria
22 Walking on Ice!
23 Snowline Circuit Class S
24 Dashing Over Cold Water!
25 Dashing Above and Beyond!
26 Jump ‘n’ Swim in the Freezing Water
27 Freeing Water Near The Ceiling
28 Blowing and Sliding
29 Moon Shards in the Cold Room
30 Slip Behind the Ice
31 Spinning Above the Clouds
32 High-Altitude Spinning
33 Secret Path to Shiveria!
34 Found with Snow Kingdom Art
35 Snow Kingdom Regular Cup
36 Hat-and-Seek in the Snow
37 Peach in the Snow Kingdom
No. Post-Game Power Moons
38 Shining on High
39 Above the Freezing Fishing Pond
40 Ice Floe Swimming
41 Icy Jump Challenge
42 Forgotten in the Holding Room
43 It Popped Out of the Ice
44 Deep in the Cold, Cold Water
45 Water Pooling in the Crevasse
46 Squirming Under Ice
47 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
48 Stacked-Up Ice Climb
49 I Met a Snow Cheep Cheep!
50 Even More Walking on Ice!
51 Snow Kingdom Master Cup
52 Iceburn Circuit Class A
53 Iceburn Circuit Class S
54 Running the Flower Road
55 Looking Back on the Flower Road
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