Super Mario Odyssey - Cloud Kingdom Power Moon List: Guide

Contains a complete list of all the Cloud Kingdom Power Moon hidden around the area and their respective names in Super Mario Odyssey.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon

Cloud kingdom is the fifth kingdom you’ll come across in Super Mario Odyssey. The Cloud kingdom is a very mysterious area that is entirely made up of clouds. It has no known inhabitants and currency. The size of the area is also unknown. However, Mario can go around the Cloud Kingdom by popping up clouds which can serve as his platforms.

Power Moon List

The Cloud Kingdom Power Moon List has a total of 11 moons. As of now, the Cloud Kingdom has no exact amount of Power Moons needed to unlock unless based on story. However, the Cloud Kingdom Power Moon List splits into two portions.

No. Main Story Power Moons
1 Picture Match: Basically a Goomba
No. Post-Game Power Moons
2 Peach in the Cloud Kingdom
3 Digging in the…Cloud?
4 High, High Above the Clouds
5 Crossing the Cloud Sea
6 Taking Notes: Up and Down
7 Picture Match: A Stellar Goomba!
8 King of the Cube!
9 The Sixth Face
Other Kingdoms
Mushroom Kingdom Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Lake Kingdom Wooded Kingdom
Cloud Kingdom Lost Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Seaside Kingdom Luncheon Kingdom
Ruined Kingdom Bowser’s Kingdom Moon Kingdom
Dark Side

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