Super Mario Odyssey - Regional Coin List: Strategy Guide

Collect all the Regional Coins with the help of this Regional Coin List. Find all the local coins for each kingdom to buy exclusive items.

Regional Coins

The Regional Coin or Local Coin is a unique type of coin found exclusively in Super Mario Odyssey. These special coins are used to buy kingdom-exclusive items in the Crazy Cap store. Each kingdom has a different set of regional coins, and you cannot use one kingdom’s coins to purchase items in another kingdom. In addition, each Crazy Cap store will feature different items depending on which kingdom a store is located.

Regional Coin List

Here is a list of directories for each kingdom regional coins in the game. Click the name of a kingdom to go to our in-depth guide on how to get each regional coin in the kingdom.

Regional Coin List

Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Lake Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom Cloud Kingdom
Lost Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Seaside Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom Ruined Kingdom
Bowser’s Kingdom Moon Kingdom
Dark Side Mushroom Kingdom


Power Moons Regional Coins
Souvenirs Stickers

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