Super Mario Odyssey - Ruined Kingdom Power Moon List: Guide

Contains a complete list of all the Ruined Kingdom Power Moon hidden around the area and their respective names in Super Mario Odyssey.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moon

Ruined Kingdom is the 12th kingdom you’ll come across in Super Mario Odyssey. The Ruined Kingdom is one of the eeriest kingdom alongside Cap kingdom. The area is filled with dense purple smoke that covers the shadows of dilapidated dark towers. It also houses arguably the most terrifying boss in the whole game – The Lord of Lightning.

Power Moon List

No. Main Story Power Moons
1 Battle with the Lord of Lightning!
2 In the Ancient Treasure Chest
3 Roulette Tower: Climbed
4 Roulette Tower: Stopped
No. Post-Game Power Moons
5 Peach in the Ruined Kingdom
6 Caught on the Big Horn
7 Upon the Broken Arch
8 Rolling Rock on the Battlefield
9 Charging Through an Army
10 The Mummy Army’s Curse
Other Kingdoms
Mushroom Kingdom Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Lake Kingdom Wooded Kingdom
Cloud Kingdom Lost Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Seaside Kingdom Luncheon Kingdom
Ruined Kingdom Bowser’s Kingdom Moon Kingdom
Dark Side

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