Super Mario Odyssey - Outfit List

List of outfits in Super Mario Odyssey, including costume, cost, and each of their locations. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Outfit List

Super Mario Odyssey Outfits

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey. Here, we go over a list of outfits.

Super Mario Odyssey Costumes List

Source: Nintendo

Majority of the outfits can be bought from the Crazy Cap Shops found in various Kingdoms along with a matching Super Mario Odyssey Hat. Below are the available outfits and how to obtain them in the game.

Odyssey Costume Price Location
Official Description
Mario Suit Default
This tried-and-true outfit has weathered many adventures.
Black Suit 150 Gold Coins New Donk City, Metro Kingdom
You can wear this outfit just about anywhere – it always looks good.
Blue Football Uniform  –  –
Boxer Shorts  –  –
Comfortable, breezy boxers in a vibrant mushroom-like pattern.
Builder Outfit 10 Purple Coins New Donk City, Metro Kingdom
The perfect outfit whether you’re constructing or inspecting the construction work of others.
Caveman Garb  –  –
Chef’s Suit Mount Volbono, Luncheon Kingdom
Red scarves are a staple of fashion on Mount Volbono.
“Classic” Mario Suit  –  –
Clown Suit  150 Gold Coins  –
Roomy enough for all your tumbling needs, colorful enough to be seen from space.
Cowboy Outfit  – Tostarena Town, Sand Kingdom
Old-fashioned duds with a frontier feel. Gunslinging and cow-punching optional.
Dr. Mario’s Scrubs  –  –
Employee Uniform  –  –
Show your Crazy Cap brand loyalty with this striking outfit!
Explorer Outfit 10 Purple Coins Fossil Falls, Cascade Kingdom
Steam Gardens, Wooded Kingdom
Clothes that keep you comfortable even in the deepest heart of the wilderness.
Fashionable Suit  –  –
I’m not clashing. YOU’RE clashing!
Golfer’s Uniform  –  –
Magician Outfit  –  –
Mechanic Outfit
An outfit seemingly doomed to get stained in motor oil.
Painter Outfit
Just the outfit you’d expect to see on a painter. Prestained for your convenience.
Pirate Outfit Mount Volbono, Luncheon Kingdom
Whether plundering cargo or burying treasure, you’re gonna need an extremely fancy coat.
Poncho 10 Purple Coins Tostarena, Sand Kingdom
Traditional folk dress of the Tostarena region. Keeps the sun off and the breezes on.
Skeleton Outfit
Wedding Outfit Amiibo
Wetsuit Bubblaine, Seaside Kingdom

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