Super Mario Odyssey - Cloud Kingdom Power Moon No. 2 (Peach in the Cloud Kingdom): Location Guide

Peach in the Cloud Kingdom is the second power moon in the Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom. However, Peach only gives the Power Moon after you've finished

Peach in the Cloud Kingdom

Peach in the Cloud Kingdom


Cloud Kingdom

How to Get

  1. When you reach the Cloud Kingdom, you’ll find yourself on an island. In front of you, you’ll notice some hats floating in mid air. However, you’re going to need platforms to get across.
    • Pop the hats open by using Cappy.
  2. Once you get across, check your right side to find Peach standing there at the far end of the main area.
  3. Approach her and speak to her. After that, she’ll grant you the Power Moon – Peach in the Cloud Kingdom.
  4. However, the Power Moon only appears if you’ve finished the game already.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moons

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