Super Mario Odyssey - Cloud Kingdom Power Moon No. 3 (Digging in the…Cloud?): Location Guide

Digging in the...Cloud? Power Moon is a post-game Cloud Kingdom Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey that needs a bit of digging around to find it.

Digging in the…Cloud?

Digging in the...Cloud? Power Moon


Cloud Kingdom

How to Get

  1. Remember the tube that leads you to the Picture Match: Basically a Goomba Game? The platform containing the Digging in the…Cloud? Power Moon is on the right side.
  2. After making your way to Cloud Kingdom, hop your across the platforms. Using the tube as a marker, look to the right to find the Power Moon.
  3. Once you get there, pound around a bit to find the Power Moon. It’ll take some time but once you hit the right spot, you’ll get the Power Moon without problems.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moons

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