Super Mario Odyssey - Cloud Kingdom Power Moon No.9 (The Sixth Face): Location Guide

The Sixth Face Power Moon is the final power moon found in Super Mario Odyssey's Cloud Kingdom. You'll have to do a bit of a jump puzzle to get it.

The Sixth Face

The Sixth Face


Cloud Kingdom

How to Get

  1. The Sixth Face Power Moon requires you to play a puzzle mini game in the Cloud Kingdom in which the players must collect the parts for the cube. There are five different locations for each cube.
  2. Look for a gray tube and jump into it. You’ll then find yourself in a 2D version which you can enter via the warp pipe. Once you enter the warp pipe, clear the puzzle while collecting the mini-power moons.
  3. When you reach the 4th face of the cube, instead of dropping down immediately – head towards the warp pipe.
  4. Dodge the floating black wrigglers before grabbing the The Sixth Face Power Moon.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moons

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