Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No.1 (Arrival At Rabbit Ridge): Location Guide

The Arrival at Rabbit Ridge is a Dark Side Kingdom Power Moon that you have to do a boss blitz in order to obtain the moon.

Arrival at Rabbit Ridge


At the fifth floor of the Boss Blitz Tower in the Dark Side.

How to Get

  1. Get off the Odyssey.
  2. Ride the electrical wire.
  3. Jump up the ledges until you reach another electrical wire.
  4. Ride the electric wire to the other side which will begin the Moon Quest: Arrival at Rabbit Ridge.
  5. Climb up the pathway and enter into the next room to fight Topper.
  6. After defeating Topper, follow the path to proceed to the next boss battle – Harriet.
  7. After you defeat Harriet, defeat Spewart and Rango after.
  8. Once you reach the fifth floor, you’ll have to fight the Robobrood again.
  9. When you finish defeating the Robobrood, you’ll have your multi-moon for the Arrival At Rabbit Ridge.

Dark Side Power Moons

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