Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No. 15 (Found with Dark Side Art 1): Location Guide

Found With Dark Side Art 1 is the 15th power moon in the Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey. However, you'll have to fly to Cascade Kingdom to get it.

Found with Dark Side Art 1


Cascade Kingdom – Fossil Falls Heights

How to Get

  1. Get off the Odyssey.
  2. Run down the Electric Line to the second island.
  3. Once you reach the second island, you’ll find a painting on the first rock formation on your right. Take a picture of the painting in case you forget.
  4. After grabbing a picture, head back to the Odyssey
  5. Fly to Cascade Kingdom.
  6. When you arrive at Cascade Kingdom, fly to the Fossil Falls Heights.
  7. Dodge the Chain Chompers and head over to the peak overlooking the waterfalls.
  8. Stomp the ground to receive the Found with Dark Side Art 1 Power Moon.

Dark Side Power Moons

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