Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No. 17 (Found with Dark Side Art 3): Location Guide

Found With Dark Side Art 3 Power Moon is the third power moon in the Arts series but the 17th among the Dark Side Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey.

Found with Dark Side Art 3


Mushroom Kingdom – Garden Maze

How to Get

  1. Get off the Odyssey.
  2. Run down the Electric Line to the second island.
  3. Once you reach the second island, check the rock formation right in front of the rock formation that had Dark Side Art 1.
  4. After that, take a picture of the hint before heading off to Mushroom Kingdom.
  5. When you arrive at Mushroom Kingdom, head towards the grassy laybrinth where you’ll have to walk a few steps in front of Toad to search for the Found With Dark Side Art 3 Power Moon.

Dark Side Power Moons

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