Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No. 23 (Found with Dark Side Art 9): Location Guide

Found with Dark Side Art 9 is the ninth of the Dark Side Power Moon Art series. It actually appears all the way in Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Found with Dark Side Art 9


Lake Kingdom – Water Plaza Display Window

How to Get

  1. Get off the Odyssey.
  2. Run down the Electric Line to the second island.
  3. Once you reach the second island, look for the picture. You’ll find it nearest to the clue for the Lost Kingdom.
  4. After getting your picture, head to the Lakeside Kingdom.
  5. When you arrive at the Lakeside Kingdom, head to the Water Plaza Display Window.
  6. After warping there, drop down to the ground and check the columns. Look for the only column that’s broken and the column that’s completely formed. Then, head right in between the gap before stomping it to reveal the Found With Dark Side Art 9 Power Moon – the 23rd Dark Side Power Moon.

Dark Side Power Moons

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