Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No.3 (Breakdown Road: Hurry!): Location Guide

The Breakdown Road: Hurry! Power Moon is the third power moon that appears in Dark Side of Super Mario Odyssey. Need help looking for it? Check it out here

Breakdown Road: Hurry!

break down road hurry


At the beginning of the Jump Puzzle

How to Get

  1. Jump off from the Odyssey.
  2. Instead of taking the power line, make your way down the ledge.
  3. Capture the scarecrow to open the door.
  4. Enter inside and follow the path. Watch out for the incoming Bullet Bills though. This is where the Power Moon gets its name: Break Down Road, Hurry! You’ll have to run and grab the key at the other side while the Bullet Bills break the road.
  5. Grab the key at the end to unlock the power moon.
  6. Run back to the beginning of the jump puzzle to get the Breakdown Road: Hurry! Power Moon.

Dark Side Power Moons

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